My easy templates for a football shirt cake

Click on the image to see how to make this cake.

I have been asked quite a few times recently how and where I get my templates from for Football shirt cakes like the one above, so I thought I would share with you the way I draw them. It’s pretty easy to do yourself (even if you’re no dab hand with a pen or pencil) but I’ve also included  free templates in case it comes in handy at the end of this post. 

Rectanglular or square tins

I usually use a rectangular baking tin for this cake which is 8 x 10 inch (20 x 26cm) but I know that’s not an every day size so I am also going to show you how to use a square tin to get the same template. My square tin here is 9 x 9 inch  (23 x 23cm)

Make a template from paper

First swipe some paper from your daughters stash! This pad has come in very handy as it’s A3 in size. I’ve used a big black marker just so you can see the lines clearly.

For a rectangular cake tin

Draw around your tin

Draw around the base of your baking tin so you have the overall size of your baked cake.

Cut out the paper

Cut it out.

Fold the paper in half

Fold it in half lengthways. I do this so that the template is even on both sides.

Draw the shirt outline

I then draw half of the shirt. Make sure that the neckline is wider than you think it should be. The shoulders only need a slight slope downwards. The sleeve should always be attached to the body of the shirt otherwise you end up with a really difficult nook to ice. I tilt the sleeve so I get as much cake (and as little wasted cake) as possible)

Cut off the excess

Cut away the excess areas.

Open up the template

Open up the template and your ready to place it on your cake and cut it to size for decorating.

For a square tin

Square cake full template

Draw around your cake tin (or the removable base if possible) and cut out the square. I have worked out the best ratio for cutting a square cake into a Football shirt shape.

Square cake template pieces

The long thin rectangle fits at the bottom to give you a longer shirt and the smaller one is divided diagonally to give you triangles that become the sleeves.

Piece together

I mark the curved armhole of the sleeves on the body of the shirt as it makes the arms look bigger. There’s very little wastage with this cake.

So there you have it. If you want to see how I decorate a football shirt cake then see here. Feel free to click on the templates below to download the printable  PDF’s to use.

Good luck and enjoy!

Football shirt cake template
Template for a rectangle Football shirt cake
Template for a rectangle Football shirt cake
Template for a rectangle Football shirt cake
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37 Comments on How to make a football shirt cake template

  1. I’m not going to show this to George – coz whether its his birthday or not he is going to want me to do a chelsea shirt and then there will be all sorts of trouble with his daddy!

  2. Brilliant thanks i’m gonna make my son an Arsenal one for his birthday in a few weeks time, can you recommend a red colouring to use as the one i have isnt brilliant? Leanne x

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your comment. When it comes to red icing I use Regalice which is a really good quality rollable fondant icing. It comes in packs of 250g blocks and is available from cake decorating shops and on line.

      If you want to use colouring, use a professional paste rather than the bottles of food colour that you get in the supermarkets. The pastes have really good colours and you can use just a little to have a pale colour or a lot for a deeper tone. Also they aren’t as wet and don’t make the regalice sticky.

      I have added both the blocks of regalice and the food colour to my Amazon shop (on the right hand side of the blog) so you can see what the products look like. I hope that helps.

      Personally I would always buy the ready coloured icing as it is quicker, easier and if you need more you know you can pop to the shop and get exactly the same colour.

      Good luck with your cake. I bet it will look brilliant!


    • Hello,

      I would either start with an Atlantic blue sugarpaste and add white sugarpaste till it’s the perfect colour or start with white sugarpaste and add a tiny bit of food colour paste in baby blue (a tiny bit at a time- use a toothpick) If you are colouring white sugarpaste try and do it the day before so it has time to take and sink in properly. That way it doesn’t end up dying your hands!

      I hope that helps


  3. Hi to do a red and white striped red footie shirt, would you cover with white regalice first then lay the red stripes over and just wondering as this will leave a slight groove with the stripes being laid on top

    • Why do they have to make football shirts so complicated!!

      I would probably cover the cake in white sugarpaste (regalice) first. Then lay the red stripes over the top. If you keep each stripe rolled out quite thinly (1-2mm) you can gently smooth the edges (along the length of the stripe) with your fingers so that they aren’t obviously layered. Be really careful as you do this as it will distort the straight line if you press too hard.

      I don’t think it matters too much if there is a slight bump between the red and white of the shirt. If the shirt is the right colour/design and has the logo/badge the footie fan will love it. They ALWAYS do!

      It’s also worth mentioning that the red sugarpaste can mark the white. If this happens use a paintbrush dipped in alcohol to remove it. Alcohol doesn’t make the sugarpaste look shiny as it evaporates.

      Hope this helps and good luck.


      p.s. You can always add a scarf over any areas that aren’t neat enough for your liking. No-one would ever know. They’d just think you’ve gone the extra mile.

  4. Thank you so much for this template im just a hobbie baker, and the cake came out very good Thank you so much Hayley x

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your comment. I bet your cake will look great.

      Good luck


  5. I am making a football Jersey cake this weekend. How high roughly should the cake be before i fondant it? You’ve done such a fab job on yours.

    • Hello,

      I think cakes look best when they are deep. I used to make them 2″ deep which is good but I now go for 3″ deep as that looks better and let’s face it – another inch of cake is always going to be a winner!

      Hope that helps


  6. Hi emma, this is such a great help…thank you 🙂 Are you able to tell me how you make the scarves please. Thanks

    • Hello,

      To make the scarf I start by cutting out a long strip of white sugarpaste. I then cut another piece the same width in black (or whatever colour) and cut the stripes out. I lay the stripes on top and gently smooth them with the palm of my hand being careful not to squidge the edges so that they don’t go all wonky. If the length is moved and no longer straight I trim a mm or two off using a pizza slice. (Pizza slices are essential sugarpaste cutters in my opinion!)

      I then position the scarf over the cake using a little royal icing to hold it in place. This is a great way to hide any imperfections but don’t tell anyone I told you so! To make the fringe I cut a square piece of sugarpaste out and use a sharp knife to cut the tassles. As I cut I lift the knife away in an upwards motion so that the strands sit tossled and look more natural. I then secure them in place. Finally I add the football team embelem.

      Hey presto a football shirt with a difference!

      Hope that helps


    • Ooooh that sounds like fun! I have tried to make striped shirts before by rolling two strips of sugarpaste together but the lines always go wonky. So I would actually cover the whole cake in one colour then cut strips in the other colour to add to the shirt afterwards. You can always carefully smooth the stripes but the more you touch them the more chance there is that they will move and not look straight.

      I hope that helps


  7. Hi Emma! Thanks for all your help. I am a football jersey cake and it needs to feed 35 slices. I have gotten the Wilton shirt cake pan to bake it in. Having measured the pan size; it is roughly about;

    13″ Long (collar to hem measurement) by

    11.5″ Wide at the widest point (one arm to the other arm measurement).

    Then the measurement of the narrower width side is 9″

    Given these measurements; please if I did 3 layers of my cake recipe (each layer bakes to about 1.25″) and sandwiched them all together with buttercream; do you think it would be enough to get around 35 slices from?

    I am including a couple of links to a picture of the Wilton shirt pan below;×1024.jpg

    I look forward to your reply and thanks a lot once more for your time and patience.

    • Hello,

      Oh your comment did make me laugh! I’m always pressing send before I’ve checked for typos!

      I think ordinarily a cake this size would serve around 25 people but if you are going to bake three cakes the overall depth will be over 4″ deep so you could cut smaller more square slices and eek out 35 slices.

      I’ve looked all over google to try and find out how many slices Wilton say the cake tin should serve and I can’t find it anywhere!

      I hope that helps


  8. Dear God; I sure am not a “football jersey cake” as I wrote above 🙂 I meant to write I am “making a football jersey cake”. Sorry for the typo .

  9. I made this for a boys 6th birthday today. Thank you for your guidance and pictures. I was very happy with the result and it looked really good.

  10. Help!!!!I am trying to make a chelsea football shirt cake but I can’t get the right colour. Please please can you help? I have to have it done in 2 days! Jane

    • Hello,

      Which colour? The light or dark blue? I would use a renshaw atlantic blue and either add white to make it the pale colour or black to make it the darker shade. Either way as long as you get it close the kid will still be thrilled with the result. They ALWAYS are!

      To make up your colour add a small amount of white or black at a time and really knead it in. Try and do this in the day time to be able to see what you’re doing more easily. Artificial light has caused me a few colour nightmares in the past. If you can colour your icing the day before you need it so it has time to ‘set’ all the better.

      I hope that helps

      Good luck


  11. The size of the tin you quote as 8″ x 10″
    How many does this serve as it sounds small
    Also can you give me suggested quantities for a choc sponge .

  12. I am definitely making this next week for my son’s birthday thanks for the template will update this site

    • My pleasure. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

      Happy baking


  13. Hi, have a question for the square pan, you cut out a rectangle out of it and place one piece at the bottom, how did you made it fit? If you use part of that rectangle for the sleeves, sorry dumb question, but i do not get it yet 🙁 thanks a lot

    • Hi Juli,

      Thanks for your question. When you cut out the square you are essentially cutting off a length at the side to create one large rectangle cake and one long thin rectangle cake. You cut the long thin rectangle so that one section fits onto the bottom of the shirt on the large cake then use the off cut (which you cut diagonally) to make the sleeves – as seen in this template here.

      I hope that clears things off for you

      Happy baking


      • Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer my question, the thin rectangle you cut out fits perfectly at the bottom? Once i cut that thin rectangle i have to cut from it the sleeves, so that thin rectangle is smaller now than the big cake rectangle, did you cut out the cake so that the thin rectangle fits? Sorry, i am confused 🙁

    • I am working with a 10×10 square pan, so if i cut the rectangle from the side, once i cut off the sleeves, the rectangle will be smaller than the rectangle cake and won’t fit at the bottom,sorry if i am not explaining myself clear, i do not speak english so well 🙁 thanks for your help!

      • I’m sorry Juli I don’t understand why it’s not working. If you have a square cake and you cut off a length you will have a small piece left over when you make the length of the shirt longer. Whatever you are left with is used to make the sleeve.