Why silicon paper is not just for cakesAs I was pondering what I should post about this week – a week when the vast majority of people are trying to eat healthily and avoid cakes, bakes and cookies (in order to stick to their new years resolutions) I came up with one quick tip that I wanted to share….. and then I realised that I was talking about chips!

Chips it is then!

A few years ago a friend told me that she never lines baking trays with anything other than silicon paper – whether she’s baking cakes or cooking salmon. Nothing ever sticks to it – EVER! So I started using silicon paper when we made oven chips. We used to use tin foil – as I hate the smell of greasy tins and would much rather protect my trays – especially if they’re going to be used for baking at a later date.

I’m a bit obsessive with those chips. I set the timer for six minutes (three times) and give them a big shake when I hear the oven beep. When I used foil the chips would stick together and stick to the surface but now I use silicon paper they are all individual and nothings sticks anywhere.

Why silicon paper is not just for cakes

What else then?

So once we tried the paper not foil method on chips we used it on everything else in the oven too – tuna, burgers, fish fingers you name it – it doesn’t stick. The only thing you can’t use it for is grilling – unless you like a touch of charred paper on your diner?

So this post is short but sweet and I hope by sharing this little tip it makes your washing up a bit quicker and easier and your oven fries tastier.

Till next week when I am sure we’ll all be desperate for cake again

EmmaMT x

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