Ok let me just warn you that this might be a bit of a frustrating post as the day this post goes out is soooo close to the closing date of this competition it’ll be hard to enter. Hard but not impossible!. My friend shared it with me and I thought it was so clever and the cakes were so good that it was still worth sharing it with you guys!

The comp.

It’s furniture company Loaf’s 8th birthday and they want cake. Sofa and bed cakes to be precise. The competition is to make any Loaf bed or sofa in the shape of a cake and win the model you’ve made and decorated. You can email your entries to feelinglucky@loaf.com or put it on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages using  #BakeItToWinIt by Monday 16th January and they’ll pick the winner on 17th Jan.

But here’s why I wanted to share it with you. Just look at the cakes below from last years competition! So clever and so cute.

What do you think? Well worth a Sunday baking and decorating sesh don’t you think?

EmmaMT x

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6 Comments on The loaf cake competition

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. It gives me a perspective on what happens on your side of the pond. I especially like the recipes that are Jewish. That is how I found your blog. Emma, not a comment on this post but I need your help. In my book club, across the pond, we are reading “Girl on the Train”. For our meetings, we theme our food to the book/author/location etc. Can you, please, give me some, actually as many as you would like, suggestions on dishes commonly served in English pubs today. If any are already on your site, please let me know and I will direct club members to them. If not, just a name should help me. There was not much eating going on in that book, just a lot of drinking. Thank you very much.

  2. This is a slightly random comment, but I recently found your blog when I needed to make a 10″ square chocolate cake for my daughter’s birthday. I’ve made quite a few cakes, but normally use a Victoria sponge recipe in a mixture of round or hemispheric tins, then construct a novelty cake. This time I needed a huge square one, and I knew Victoria sponges weren’t good for that. I used your chocolate madeira cake recipe and it turned out amazingly well. Not just did it look good, but it was the best tasting birthday cake I’ve made. So I just wanted to thank you for posting not just the recipe, but all the extra tips and tricks from your experience that meant that my cake was moist and light, and worked first time!

    • Yaaaayyy!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. It means the world to me.
      That chocolate cake is a particular fave of mine. I’ve tweaked it till it’s just how I like it so its so great to hear when others like it too!
      Happy baking.
      EmmaMT X