Peter’s doggie cake

The Story of Peter’s cake is quite a funny one!

Peter is the husband of my good friend Theoda. I thought it would be a great idea to surprise him with a birthday cake for his 40th Birthday. Peter and Theoda have a flat coat retriever called Pepsi. He is the most energetic, bouncy dog you could ever meet and he is the love of their lives. They are both dog mad! When I made Theoda ‘Pepsi’ shaped biscuits for her birthday she wouldn’t eat them. She kept them so she could just look at them! For months!

Anyway, Theoda wanted the cake to be a surprise, so we planned it so I could deliver it on the Friday before they got home from work, Theoda arranged for me to have the keys to her house so I could sneak it in, but on the day I got visited by my sister and her husband along with my nephew Asher. It was also the last day of half term so I had my two girls at home too! Needless to say the quick and easy cake had so many interruptions that I didn’t actually finish it till 4pm. I gave Theoda a call to say that I was just leaving to deliver the cake and check that Peter wasn’t going to be home yet. He works all over the country and sometimes finishes early and I didn’t want to get caught in his house without Theoda being there. Even I couldn’t talk my way out of that one!

Anyway, Theoda answered her phone and said “I finished work early. Peter is just picking me up from the station.” The station is literally five minutes from both of our houses !!!!!

I decided the best thing to do was to leave there and then. I arrived two minutes after they did. Peter was sorting out something in the garage and I had taken a basket I needed to return to Theoda with as cover. I said “I’m just returning this as I was coming past your road” To which she replied “Yes thanks for bringing that back for me” in a very loud and comical voice, so that Peter would here and not suspect.  As soon as Peter was out of sight I quickly grabbed the cake from the boot of my car and Theoda beckoned me into the house and directed me up to the spare room where I hid it.

It was so funny and he must have thought we were being really weird. I didn’t even wish him happy birthday as I thought that would give the game away.

Anyway, later that evening, Peter and Theoda had dinner at home with some close friends and Theoda pulled out the cake as a surprise at the end of the meal. He didn’t suspect a thing!

A few days later I got a text from Theoda “I’m just eating the last of the chocolate cake for breakfast. It’s delicious” Which did make me laugh.

Let’s get started ….or finished!


Woman & Home magazine is an amazing place to work. The people are great, hardworking and super supportive. It’s a ‘full on’ place to work so when it comes to celebrating we always do it round the pillar in the office and in style. It always involves wine (or Champagne if your ABC’s have gone up again!) and it ALWAYS involves cheesy puffs. When it was a big birthday, a wedding or a leaving drinks I would make a celebration cake that was personal to the person leaving, so when it was my time to go I had to do something, but what!

The last Woman & Home cakeMy leaving cake from Woman & Home

Three of us were leaving at the same time so I decided to make a cake that was one for all. Hayley, who was the deputy chief sub, was leaving to go back to her native South Africa where she was marrying the lovely Mark and was building her new life out there, so I made a model of her sitting on a suitcase with a little ‘SA’ sticker on the side. Cate, who worked in the features department was leaving to work on other projects so I made a model of her sitting on a pile of giant books and  I left to go freelance and work on other bigger, craftier more cakey projects and as I was the Home editor and am usually surrounded by boxes I thought that’s what my model should be sitting on.

The actual cake was a madeira made with vanilla paste (given to my by Jane the Food Editor to test) and it was covered in the W&H blue colour icing. The models were stuck on top and that was it.

I’ve been planning this blog for what seems like forever! I’ve had great ideas, I’ve written lists and I’ve baked and baked and baked, but it took leaving my job as Home Editor at Woman & Home Magazine here in London to give me the time to actually do it! For that reason I think the best place to start is at the end.

Cake gathering!

When the time came for drinks around the pillar the cake was brought out and as you can see from the reaction and crowding, everyone loved it!

I’ll miss the team at W&H but they gave me a great send off. As I was leaving, Vicky from art made a little sign from a post-it note that read “bye, bye!” and stuck it to the model of Hayley that was now on her desk.

Bye,bye W&H, Hello new start!

Mini Hayley at her desk!
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