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Best for Baking: Silicone piping bag

 Silicone piping bags. Why I’m a new convert to after making these chocolate cupcakes

Silicon piping bag

Silicon piping bag

I must have walked past these silicone piping bags a ton of times. They sell them at Hobbycraft (a regular haunt of mine) and they’re available on Amazon too. I’ve always just used disposable piping bags in the past as I think they’re really easy to handle and just chuck away rather than clean up all that greasy butter cream when you’re done. But I figured at £5 it was worth a try. Good decision.

I had some cupcakes to make for Free Cakes For Kids so I thought that it was the perfect testing opportunity. When I make cupcakes for outside friends and family I measure the cake mix into each cupcake case. I know that sounds a bit OCD but it’s the only way I can get them almost even. I do try to be professional! The way I do this is by measuring each cupcake as I go. When using this piping bag it was a doddle.  The silicone piping bag has a smooth inside so the ingredients can be squirted out easily but it has a lightly textured outside so your sticky/wet hands can still grip it firmly. I have to admit I was surprised how easy it was to handle and control.

Silicon piping bag

When I fill a piping bag with cake mix I place it in a large jug, fold the edges over the top and then fill. If I’m filling a smaller bag I simply use a tall glass. This has been the easiest and cleanest way to fill a bag. Make sure that the bottom is folded up so no mixture can escape while you’re filling and if you need to stop half way through filling or decorating you can just pop it back in the jug or glass. Silicon piping bag

You can see how easy it is to fill cupcake cases using the silicone piping bag below. See? Not a drop out of place! Silicon piping bag

Once the cupcakes were baked and cool I added the buttercream topping. Test number 2. Again I made up the chocolate butter cream and filled the bag. This time I added a piping tip. As it’s a large tip I had to cut quite a bit off the end of the silicone piping bag so I think I would need to buy a second bag if I wanted to use it with some of my smaller royal icing tips but as I don’t use them that often I’ll see how I go.

Silicon piping bag

I was really happy with the end result. I think these are probably some of the most even looking cupcakes I’ve ever made and I put that down to using the silicone piping bag. So marks out of 10? I’d give it 8. Silicon piping bag

The end result was 24 pretty and yummy cupcakes boxed up and ready to deliver.

Super-flex silicone piping bag is available from

Do you have and use a silicone piping bag? What do you think about them compared with disposable ones? I’d love to know.


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  1. cristina ohalloran says:

    Those chocolate cupcakes look amazing! And that’s before you bake them! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I have many and I love them , they clean up beautiful , you can use any tips LG /SM with or with out ! cuplings

  3. Grace of NZ says:

    Hi Emma,
    Your Madeira cake is awesome my hubby and workmates love it. He keeps on reqyesting me to bake it eversince I made it last week. Just a question to you maybe out of topic here. I have a fan oven and also I bought a oven thermometer in Lakeland when we visited my in laws last year. How do you actually use this when the required temp is 180C in the recipe will I base it on the thermometer as 180C or 160C ? My oven is fan assisted.Thanks EmmaMT.

    1. EmmaMT from says:


      So glad you like the cake. I permanently have my oven thermometer in the bottom of my oven so it’s out of the way. I just check the temp before I pop my cake in. For a fan oven I would always use a temperature 20 degrees lower than a non fan oven temp so for this cake stick to 160C..
      Hope that helps


      1. Grace of NZ says:

        Thank you for your reply Emma. That solve my biggest agony everytime I bake and use my oven. I live almost on top of the mountain here in New Zealand. Are u in the UK. Will do your Chocolate Madeira cake today.

      2. EmmaMT from says:

        How lovely to live up a mountain. I bet you have fantastic views. I live in Bromley in Kent in the UK. It’s a lovely part of England. Close enough to London by train and close enough to the countryside. Even the sea is only an hour away.


      3. Grace of NZ says:

        Hi Emma,
        I think we’ve been to Kent before. My husband is from Sherborne in Dorset. Every 2 years we come up England to visit his parents and siblings. Living here in downunder is different from the UK. I hope one day we can meet in person and just do baking and have fun on it. Lol. The Chocolate Madeira is divine Emma, again a recipe to keep. Thanks again till next correspondence.

        Grace of NZ

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