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Zassenhaus digital kitchen scales 

Pink scales

How cute are these kitchen scales? I received a press release about them last week and knew I had to get my hands on them to test, so I could share them with you. Retro designs are big in home wares right now and baking gadgets are no different.

The design

The scales are high accuracy which is great. If you’ve ever used digital scales before then you’ll know that when you’re weighing your ingredients they tend to jump up in big increments and oddly enough they jump in even numbers. It can be hard to add just one more gram, but not with these. They are so precise.

Accuracy is the name of the game.

The scales are made from glass and have four accuracy sensors underneath, which means they can measure from 1g up to 5kg effortlessly.

Digital reader

The digital reader is retractable which is great for storage. It also means that the scales would look great out on display on a kitchen shelf. I found the digital reader a little bit fiddly to get the hang of when I wanted it to go back to zero, but once I’d mastered the knack, it was a doddle. You simply press the ‘on’ button and it resets to zero after you’ve added each ingredient. You can also switch between metric and imperial units.Zassenhaus digital kitchen scales

Why I love it

The best thing about these scales (apart from the great old-fashioned dial design on the front and the cute colour) is that they’re really effortless to clean. My old ones have so many nooks and crannies in them that it’s hard to get every bit of icing sugar or flour off. But with this design you literally run a damp cloth over it and it’s like new!

Zassenhaus digital kitchen scales

Did I mention that they are available in 6 great shades? You can get yours by clicking on the image of the green  Zassenhaus digital kitchen scale on the right from Amazon for around £30.     

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    1. EmmaMT from says:

      But you weigh less than 5kg don’t you!!!

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