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Best for baking: Oxo Silicone spatulas

Oxo Spatula Best for baking: Oxo Silicone spatulas

I may have mentioned my mild obsession with spatulas before. Sainsburys were always my favourite and I had 5 at one point – just in case they stopped selling them. And guess what? They stopped selling them!!!! The reason I liked them so much was that they were really strong, very flexible at the tip. You can use them up to really hot temperatures and they come up like new in the dishwasher.

The new best spatula

In comes an email from the Oxo Good Grips press office about their new gizmos and gadgets and what should be there but a spanking new spatula! It’s fate. I’m currently down to three. They have new ones. It’s a match made in heaven. Three days later I received a large and small spatula in the post and you would have thought Christmas had come early from the over excited squeals coming from me. I really do need to get out more often if I get this excited about a spatula! But it was the fact that I expected one to be a good size but the second one was so tall and thin. Perfect I thought. I couldn’t wait to give them a good testing.

The testing

So, what can they do? Well, whether you’re baking or cooking they are so, so useful. As the head is made from silicone you can use it on any cook/bakeware. You can leave it sitting in a saucepan of simmering Bolognese if you want and the handle will be cool to the touch and the base will be ready to stir it all up. Let’s face it with a heat resistance of 600ºF/315ºC you can use it anywhere in the kitchen without it scratching, melting or damaging anything.

Oxo Spatula wipes cleanThe larger one is perfect for baking. You can scrape out every spec of cake mix from a bowl without a drop of licking the spoon (but that’s no fun!) The smaller ‘jar spatula is just that. Great for scooping out every morsel from any jam jar. I used it for that hard to get at bottom of the jar mayonnaise and it worked a treat.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Medium Spatula, Raspberry, £7,

OXO Good Grips Silicone Jar Spatula, White, £13

 So the verdict? I love them, but I knew I would. I love it that the jar spatula one has such a long reaching neck that fits into any jam jar and can get into the tightest corner at the top of a jar. I love it that the ends are so flexible and that they’re both so versatile. They’re a baking kit must in this bakers opinion.



Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided by Oxo Good Grips for review. All thoughts and opinions and entirely my own.

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  1. This made me laugh as I’m also obsessed with spatulas. I inherited the obsession from my Mum who hated to waste anything. I hate waste too and scrape out every bit of whatever I’m serving up. I also find washing up a messy business and the spatulas make the chore so much easier when pots and plates have been scraped down first.
    I’ve usually got a variety of sizes (I love the jam jar ones too) but broke 2 in quick succession recently and was bereft until my husband bought me a pack…. totally sad I know but I was ectatic and so enjoy using them. I didn’t read this until after my new spatulas arrived the other day but I’m not complaining… there’s always room for an extra spatula or two in any kitchen…. must go and have a look at a few….

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Hooray! I’m not alone! Do you rummage till you find your favourite one too?

  2. I Love OXOGoodGrips! Have just called them in to feature in a Ideal Home shoot, to recommend them too. But more personally, their Oxo TOTS rage is fabulous for babies and kids too. It was all I ended up using when my one was a baby and she is 3 now and we still use the plates and drinking cup. The Drinking cup is actually becoming a bit too important in her life, so we will have to ‘lose’ him soon….

  3. Ooh a jar spatula! I haven’t heard of these before but definitely need one in my life (and my kitchen). There is nothing wrong with being obsessed – who doesn’t love something that works well! Although I have to ask, how do you manage to go through so many spatulas?! x

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