Everything in the kitchen sink?

How cool is this? I got sent the press release for this fab washing up bowl yesterday and I had to share it with you all right away. Now, I know I shouldn’t get excited about a washing up bowl, but as it’s a JosephJoseph one it means it’s a “why didn’t someone think of this before ? moment.

JosephJoseph washing up bowl


Why do I want this so much?

Well, to start with it’s green. Green is so good for my charcoal grey kitchen. It’s square… like my very deep sink and it’s so modern.  If you have to use a washing up bowl (which apparently is quite a British thing by the way. My Australian friend thought I was mad when she came to stay with us all those years ago and I started to fill up our old washing up bowl. “What’s that for? What’s wrong with using the sink?”  she asked. I mean Eeewwwwwyukkkkk.  Gloop and buttercream water tide marks on my nice shiny sink? No,no, NO!) then it has to be a modern one.

Joseph Joseph Wash and Drain

The handles make it easy to carry and manoeuvre. It’s available in fab colours and most importantly it has a drain at the bottom that means you don’t have to lift the whole bowl up to empty it. The drain also traps any food bits and pieces that may escape down your plug hole. Totally brilliant! I can’t wait for them to hit the shops in the Spring!




The Joseph Joseph boys

p.s. (shhhh don’t tell Tim-  the JosephJoseph brothers. Nom, nom, nom!)

P.S. The washing up bowl, £28,  is available from their website  from 8th March 2013

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  1. Amazing. I love it! I want one! Do you know how much they will be? Xx

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      I know! I really want one too! They are £28 and available on their website from next week,


  2. These are great, a washing up bowl to be on show rather than hidden away. I want one! GG

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Me too!

  3. Also very handy for people who keep kosher and do not have luxury of 2 sinks in the kitchen

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Good thinking Safi.


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