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Have you heard of ‘Free Cakes For Kids’? It’s this great charity that was set up to give underprivalidged kids birthday cakes when they ordinarily wouldn’t get one.

Free cakes for kidsI was approached by my local group after one of the volunteers saw my post about the time when I bought macaroons on Bromley High Street. She thought I must have lived nearby so she contacted me and asked if I would like to be a volunteer too?  Of course I said “yes”.

It’s really sad that in this day and age people are in situations where they find it difficult to provide something as simple as a birthday cake for their kids. One lady didn’t think she was going to be able to give her son a cake but after Free Cakes For Kids stepped in she was able to invite a few of his school friends around to share his cake and make him feel special, and let’s face it everyone should feel special on their birthday.

How does it work?

The Free cakes for kids website explains…….

“Each Free Cakes for Kids group makes individual birthday cakes. The local group matches up the two parties: families in need and passionate home bakers. The cakes are made by local volunteers, who pay for the ingredients themselves. While most Free Cakes for Kids volunteers are amateurs, they enjoy baking and decorating impressive cakes that often even accommodate the child’s favourite theme or style. Recent examples include a Princess cake, a Bob-the-Builder cake, rocket-shaped cakes or the ever-popular football cakes.

Families can call themselves or are referred to local groups by partner organisations. Most local groups have built strong networks in their communities and work closely with organisations like the Young Carers, foodbanks or social services.”

So the  main reason for this post is twofold.

1) To spread the word that we are out there. (There are local charities set up all over the country and if not you could set up your own one.) If you know of anyone who would benefit from a Free Cakes For Kids birthday cake then get in touch here. Visit the website to find your local group and the best person to contact.Where we bake

And 2) To see if you want to be a volunteer. I know you guys out there are AMAZING bakers and cake decorators. You all email me with your questions and queries and say how you have no experience and then you put your finished cake on The Facebook page and they’re FANTASTIC!!!

Come and see us

This bank holiday weekend we have a stand at the May Fayre in Pettswood on Monday 5th May, from 10am – 4pm. There’s tons to see and do from watching the May Queen parade to having a go on the fairground rides. There are also loads of stalls from local charities with all sorts of goodies on offer. So if you’re not too far away why don’t you pop down and say hello. Us volunteers have been busy baking for the event so no one will leave hungry!



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  1. Great blog post Emma and a very worthy cause.

  2. So lovely to see you’re spreading the word about this Emma! I’ve been meaning to sign up

  3. Every Child should have a cake on their BIRTHDAY! Keep up the good work! You are blessed!

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      I agree and thank you. x

  4. Such a cute idea, I’ll have to sign up for my area.

    FoodNerd x

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