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Hands up who wants to win a basket full of French yumminess ?

Brioche Pasquier Croissant

Let’s see now. How many hands can I see? My, my there’s a lot of you out there.

Do you remember a few months ago I shared my first ever attempt at baking Brioche in front of a whole lot of other bloggers….and it all went wrong? Well those lovely people over at Brioche Pasquier have given me a fantastic hamper to give away this Easter.

Brioche Pasquier logo

Brioche Pasquier are THE masters of the brioche and croissant. It all started back in France in 1936 when Gabriel Pasquier opened his little village bakery. He passed his secret technique on to his sons who still use a similar traditional levain to bake Brioche Pasquier products today. It’s that slow process of raising the dough that gives them that super light texture and means that there’s no need to add additives and makes them totally deelish!


Brioche Pasquier Pitch

Since the workshop we’ve been buying Brioche Pasquier croissants and Pitch brioche like they’re going out of fashion. Just this Sunday Tim made me a fried egg and cheese croissant. Have you ever had one of them before? Believe it or not we had this snack for the first time 16 years ago for breakfast in a Dunkin Donuts drive through in New York. It’s divine. You lightly toast the croissant, fry the egg and place it on the open croissant then place a slice of cheese on top so it starts to melt straight away -We use Emmental cheese. A quick squirt of ketchup and I am one happy lady!

Brioche Pasquier Chocolate Brioche

The other Brioche Pasquier product we love are the Pitch brioche – especially the chocolate ones. I would say that we buy them for the girls for their packed lunches – as they come individually wrapped and have a really long shelf life, except they don’t have a long shelf life in our house! The packet containing 6 – which we buy on a Sunday, should be enough for a few of the girl’s lunch time treats – except there are four of us at home and there’s not usually enough left for one lunch come Monday! Oopps!

So? I hear you ask what’s the prize? Well, it’s a hamper full of all this light and tasty French yumminess from Brioche Pasquier’s Traditional brioche and croissants range with a touch of Pitch thrown in to boot! It’s the perfect way to start your day so don’t hang about. Enter the competition below and good luck.


How to Enter

  • Complete the Rafflecopter form below before the closing date: 17th April 2014
  • Don’t forget to read the “Terms and Conditions” link at bottom of Rafflecopter form.
  • The winner will be notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter form.

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  1. 2014maggie says:

    I love Brioche, as do the rest of my family.. my grandsons enjoy it for breakfast with Nutella !! Absolutely Fabulous !

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Ooooh yes Brioche with Nutella is a winning formula in my books … actually I think all you need with Nutella is a spoon!

  2. Tracy K Nixon says:

    Thank you!

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