Love yourself this valentines with a Mango berry smoothie with chia seeds

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Mango berry smoothie with chia seeds
Fruit smoothies with chia seeds

I’m a big smoothie fan. I do tend to make fresh juices more often but when it comes to a filling snack a smoothie is the best and healthiest option.

As the summer came to an end the strawberries were only lasting a day at best and didn’t taste of anything – I hate to buy out of season fruits but carrots in the bullet just don’t do it for me! So we started buying frozen fruit and we can’t be the only ones. There’s bags of variety in those frozen aisles. We go for strawberries and blueberries and also mango. You can also get raspberries and blackcurrents but I have to say that I don’t like the way raspberry seeds settle down at the bottom of your glass and you get a ton in one strawfull! You don’t get that with Chia seeds. They just seem to stay up in the smoothie.

Fruit smoothies with chia seedsThe biggest benefit about frozen fruit is that when you place them in the bulllet or your blender and add almond milk, coconut milk or water then whizz it all up you get this sort of slushy milkshake drink and you forget that you’re drinking it to be healthy and nutritious and think it’s a thick shake – the kind I imagine they were talking about in Pulp Fiction – you know the $5 shake?

Why Chia seeds?

There are many health benefits to consuming  Chia Seeds. The superfood is packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids, high in protein, they are relatively tasteless to they can be added to many dishes and bakes without ruining the flavour.

I put all the frozen fruit in the cup of the Nutribullet and leave it on the kitchen worktop for 30 minutes or so. That gives the fruits a chance to soften a little and when you blitz it it gets completely blended and you don’t end up with lumps. Once the liquid is added the drink becomes lovely and thick but the longer you leave it the thinner it gets – also all those lovely nutrients start to escape so the trick is to drink it up straight away!

Like you could resist it anyway!

So, I hope you are loving yourself this Valentine with these healthy treats. I’m loving you all.

EmmaMT x

Disclaimer: Thanks to Amazon for sending me the Super foods in this series of ‘Love yourself this Valentine’ posts. All thoughts and ramblings are my own.

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