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My Cake International purchases


How to you approach an exhibition where you are bombarded with new ideas and great looking products that you just have to have all around you?

I tend to have an allocated budget (that quite often goes out of the window when I see that last great thing!) For Cake International I tried to stick to around £50. I tend to find that if I spend more than that the chances of actually using my new tool goes out the window. It also means that I have to really want it to part with my cash.

So what did I splash my cash on? I’ll show you….


The Silicon Mat


This mat although made from Silicon actually feels more like rubber. It’s got a bit more give in it and is super slippy when it comes to rolling out pastry. I can’t wait to give it a go on sugarpaste.

It’s easy to wash (and dry as it’s a bit smaller than my Ikea one)  and it also seems to stick to the work surface a lot better. I am going to make a big effort not to cut out any sugarpaste decorations on this one as that’s the number one way I cut holes my mats!

Cake International buys


The Polka Dotter


These are a really new tool (or at least I haven’t seen them before) that you use to mark out dots in sugarpaste evenly around the edge of a cake. The top one marks out the spacing so you can have a thin or thick ribbon underneath your dots- depending on which way up you use it.  The bottom one allows you to have loads of dots. All you have to do is add a pearl of piped royal icing to each indent or a flower- anything! I can’t wait to have a play with these.

Cake International buys


The acrylic rolling pin


I love my white silicon rolling pin but when I saw these acrylic ones I was intrigued. The man on the stand was telling us that the demonstrators had seen them when he was setting up, bought them and they were everywhere at the show due to their non stick abilities and the fact that they just look so good!  And he was right. Everyone demonstrating did seem to have one! What a sales pitch! I resisted buying the 20″ one and went for the 13″ instead. It’s excellent and really doesn’t stick as much as my other pins. I may be going back for the larger size!

Cake International buys


The Palette knife

£4.60 Rounded cranked palette knife, Amazon

One of the demonstrators used a palette knife to scrape along the back of a patchwork cutter and the modelling paste just seemed to pop out. I have never seen that done before.

I already have a few palette knives but I am of the opinion that you can never have too many so here’s my latest. If you haven’t got one I would highly recommend them. They’re really useful for picking up thin and fragile pieces of sugarpaste- even when they’re stuck to the surface. They’re super thin and bendy at the tip which makes them so versatile. The stand at the show where I bought this one doesn’t sell on line but you can get similar from Amazon.

Cake International buys


Feeding my ribbon obsession

£1 per meter,

I love ribbons. I have a ton so this was a real indulgence for me but I couldn’t walk past this ribbon stand without buying the rulers ribbons at least. I collect wooden rulers – especially folding ones so I was drawn to these designs. I don’t know where I am going to use them. It won’t be on a cake as that is just too much of a waste. Beau has already told me that the pink one would look good on her Monster High doll! Cute aren’t they?

Cake International buys


The biggest benefit of buying at a show is that most of the stands are selling at lower prices than they do on their websites so it balances out the cost of your entry ticket. My only regret is not going back for the litre bottle of Madagascar vanilla extract which was just £20. It’s around £5 for a tiny bottle in the supermarkets but I didn’t want to lug it around the whole show and then I forgot!  Also Mum went back to buy a silicon piping bag which I thought was fab. Oh well, there’s always next year!



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  1. Oooh I love that polka dot thingy! Need that in my life (and my kitchen)!! x

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      I know! That was my thought exactly! Me and my mum both bought a set each. I’m thinking crinkly cookies with sugarpaste and royal icing pearls piped on each indent! Oh the world is my oyster!

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