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Which whisk?

Great group of whisks
I’ve got a bit of a thing about whisks. You see I’m obsessed with eggs. I’m sure I eat way too many. I have them for lunch practically every day so, I’m always using whisks to cook with, let alone bake with.
I have quite a few now and I’m sure I could do all my whisking tasks with just one, but where’s the fun in that?
So, in no order particular order here are my whisks…

The modern designer one

Normann Copenhagen.Normann Copenhagen

I was recently sent a press release for this really cool whisk designed by Normann Copenhagen from the Caroline McGrath website (it’s a treasure trove, well worth checking out!) I had to have it! The thing is although it’s a really good whisk I just can’t help having it out on display. You can close it up and hang it from the really clever hook that appears from the end, but I like to leave it open and sit it on it’s prongs. At the moment it lives on my kitchen window sill next to my radio but I’m sure Tim will make me put it away properly soon.

The one I use every day

Nigella Lawson

I was given this whisk at the very first press launch for Nigella Lawson’s beautiful kitchen products. It has stood the test of time as that was about 12 years ago. It still looks like new. I have to say it’s my favourite one. It really beats air into eggs effortlessly, it’s small and very ergonomic and it comes out of the dishwasher clean as a new. Unfortunately it’s no longer available but you can get a similar one on Amazon for next to nothing!
By the way I did meet her at the launch and I can tell you she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Her skin is perfect!

The electric one

Lakeland whisk

This is one that I tested for a kitchen gadgets feature for Woman and Home magazine a few years back. I was looking for an electric whisk with attachments which was inexpensive but really did the job. And It does!
The biggest selling point with this Lakeland stick blender whisk for me is that it comes apart for cleaning, has a blade and whisk attachment and that is has a tall cup for using to whisk anything in. The cup has an anti slip rubber base and a lid incase you need to store the food afterwards. There is also a chopping attachment with cup.  All that for just £29.99  Usually when you get extras with a gadget they end up at the back of the cupboard somewhere, but I use every piece of this set.
Lakeland whisk set
The only criticism I have about this whisk is that you have to hold the button down the whole time you are using it. That can be a long time when you are making meringues, but I assume it’s a safety thing and it’s not really that big a problem.

The built to last one

OXO Good grips

I reviewed this OXO whisk a few months back now and I still use it to this day. I have to admit that it’s a good one for the kids to mix up batters with. I just love the ‘old school-ness’ of it.

The one I haven’t got, but really want!

I used to have an electric hand held whisk but since it died I haven’t replaced it. My mum has a Moulinex one that is over 30 years old and it just keeps on going. She makes everything with it. I want one like that. Built to last!

Kenwood kMix HM792 Hand Mixer, Almond Cream

When I was at Woman and Home magazine the food team were always complaining that hand held whisks just aren’t man enough for the job anymore. They tried all sorts but they all seemed to fizzle out in the end.
I’ve got my heart set on this Kenwood one (above). It is heavier than standard hand helds and really packs a punch. Failing that it would have to be the Dualit design (below). How good does that look in black?
Dualit 88425 Hand Mixer in Black
Oh well, I better start saving those pennies!


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  1. EmmaMT from says:

    Jane Curran , The Food Editor of Woman & Home and Editor of Feel Good Food has just tweeted me

    “The Dualit is standing the test of time and a million cakes in the @womanandhome test kitchen! And my own (1million meringues)!”

    You don’t get much better recommendation that that!

    Thanks Jane


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