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Win a whole load of baking goodies from DotComGiftShop

Win a whole load of baking goodies from DotComGiftShop


No sooner did I press ‘publish’ on yesterday’s blog post about the cute recipe tin from than they sent me an email saying

‘Why don’t we do a giveaway with CakesBakesAndCookies?’

to which I said


So here it is. The short and sweet giveaway! You can will all of the Blue tit items shown above.

What can you win?

  1. The recipe tin £9.95 – As I said yesterday – it’s easy to file away and keep recipes safe once you have this baby.
  2. The cookie canister £9.95- which is bigger in real life than it looks in this little pic!
  3. The cake carrier, £29.95- which Tim and I bought for members of our family for Christmas last year and whilst wrapping them up I was asking why on earth I didn’t get myself one? I mean it’s a really great size and it has handles! What’s not to love?
  4. The flour shaker. £5.95 I’ve got two shakers – one for flour and one for icing sugar. Everyone needs some prettiness when they’re doing the shaking don’t you think?
  5. The flour canister- £6.95 so cute! It’s glass so it will last an age. Love the colour of this lid too!

In total that’s over £60 of cake baking goodiness so what are you waiting for. Enter the giveaway now!

How to win this fantastic Dotcomgiftshop bundle

To win this collection of five Blue Tit baking goodies all you have to do is share this post on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or Twitter then leave me a comment below with why you should win before midnight on 29th February 2016. Remember you must share this post on social media AND comment below to be entered.

Good luck and get sharing!

EmmaMT x Terms & Conditions

This giveaway will close at 12:00 on 29th February 2016. Leaving a blog post comment is a mandatory entry option. This prize is offered by I am hosting it on behalf of Dotcomgiftshop. Please note, I am not responsible for posting the prize out or providing it. Dotcomgiftshop or its representative will send out the prize, the winner must provide their name, address once contacted. The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries received by the random number generator. The winner will be notified within 3 days of the closing date. The prize is one recipe tin, one cookie canister, one cake carrier, one flour shaker and one flour canister, no cash alternatives are available. This giveaway is open only to residents in mainland UK (excluding Northern Ireland and Scottish Highlands and Islands) and entrants must be over 18.

Thank you to Dotcomgiftshop for providing this giveaway. All thoughts, opinions and ramblings are entirely my own.

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  1. Angela Martin says:

    I love bird themed items, I’ve swallows on the wall in my studio, bird cake toppers and the bird feeders and table in the garden is just across from my worktop so I can watch them feeding…. To have more bird themed items would be fab! Gorgeous! Shared from my Facebook page Cupcake-Cupcake.

  2. Fab competition! X

    1. Oops sent to quick, why should I win? Well I love baking, it keeps me sane! Regardless though, everyone deserves to win so good luck to all! Gotta be in it to win it as Dale Winton says lol! Xx

  3. Emma LeCheminant-Nicolle says:

    I would love to win, I bake constantly as I have 11 children (not all mine) + lots of friends and family that I love to make cakes for. Shared on fb and pintrest. 🙂

  4. Shared x ?

  5. Hmm, why should I win? Well, because who doesn’t love pretty things like these! We do lots of baking, but my tins and equipment are all recycled and utilitarian stuff, mostly that I’ve inherited from various other people, so it’s hard to justify buying new things just because they look lovely!

  6. Hi Emma,It would be great to have some new baking utensils as my ones are pretty old now and not presentable .

  7. Anthea Holloway says:

    I would love to win this – I have been baking for 45 years and most of my equipment is that old too so something new and pretty like this would alter my kitchen for ever!

  8. would love to win this it would put finishing touches to my new kitchen 🙂

  9. I shared this on FB to spread the love… anyone who sees this will love this bakeware! I adore the cake tin in particular, but welcome to whoever designed these. Gorgeous and definitely different. Winning these would be great! I work shifts so nee the motivation to get back to baking… these will do it! 😉

  10. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Emma,
    After 6 decades I have finally discovered baking! No more buying readymade, only homemade for us from now on. To have this beautiful set in my baking bare kitchen would just be ‘the icing on the cake’ for me.

  11. I particularly like the look of the cake carrier and they’re all so pretty with the birds on, lovely!

  12. Alice OConnor says:

    Beautiful design and a very generous competition, thank you! I’d love to win this for my daughter who’s just started to get into baking (not all bakes have been successful…or tasty so far!!) – anything that encourages this creativity and passion would be very gratefully received 🙂
    So fingers crossed…! x
    Shared on twitter, under @aocon80

  13. I would love to win this gift set because I am a beginner baker and these new utensils will help me with my startup. By the way, EmmaMT I have tried and love your Madeira cake recipe, thanks for sharing.

  14. Lindsey Loughtman says:

    I learnt to bake from my mum, and now I’m teaching my daughters. It’s something we all love, both the process and the result! Tweeted as @joyontoast

  15. iain maciver says:

    to have some new baking items, have shared on twitter,facebook,google

  16. oh wow, what a great bundle to win, I have shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so keeping my fingers crossed

  17. Paula Readings says:

    I would love to win as i need new kitchen cake tins and these are lovely.

  18. Why should I win?! I’m a beginner baker but no matter how much more practise I need/how bad things taste… At least I know they’d look
    Their best with these beautiful goodies x

  19. I would love to win this beautiful collection of baking bits! I have just started getting into baking and these would look great in my kitchen. xx

  20. isis1981uk says:

    I think I should win as my son loves baking with mummy & this would be fun for both of us! Shared on FB.

  21. Because they are really cute, and more importantly match, and I love things that match. ?

  22. What an adorable set. I have a ton of birds in my back yard during spring and summer. I’m a fellow baker who moves like a gypsy. We are a military family, so we can’t put our roots down anywhere. This bird set is a great way to get organized. Thanks for the giveaway. =)

  23. Annette Dunn says:

    Shared on Facebook. What wonderful items. I am hoping that by sharing the post even if I don’t win it will give some people ideas for my big birthday coming up. Love your blog and cakes, I have achieved some wonderful cakes and biscuits for special occasions and I have you to thank. Thank you so much. Annette X

  24. Sam Goodwin says:

    I absolutely adore Blue Tits, I watch them every day from my kitchen window as I wash up. I would love to win so I can bake more! My husband starts a new job soon, and i’d love send him in with that impressive cake carrier full of goodies!

  25. I would love to win for my mum. She loves baking so much and would absolutely love this. I have shared on all platforms. Thanks for the chance x

  26. I should win as I’m a wannabe domestic Goddess. I haven’t quite got the skill yet but I’ve got the enthusiasm. I love to bake, even if some of my cakes are a big saggy. Have shared on twitter.

  27. aaron broad says:

    I would love to win as my GF has recently gotten into baking so this would be perfect, she also loves the style

  28. Kirsty Ward says:

    I would love to win as baking is my Passion it would make me very happy to use these baking goodies!! Have shared on Twitter! 🙂

  29. Ema J Lowe says:

    shared on facebook as ema j lowe
    would love to win as I am always baking with the girls and this would be really handy.

  30. Liam Bishop says:

    Thank you 🙂 Have shared on Twitter. Would love to win, we do a lot of baking as a family. It’s a great activity to get everyone involved.

  31. Mhari Anne Thompson says:

    My eldest daughter has moved all the way to Hereford from Edinburgh with her hubbie and my gorgeous granddaughters. These would look fabulous in her new kitchen!

  32. Lauren McMullan says:

    I would love to win this so I can store all my baking stuff that I use with my two year old. She loves baking cakes and making a huge mess!!

  33. Jacqueline Craig says:

    I love everything with birds on! These look so sweet.

  34. I love baking with my Son and Daughter – creating special memories together xx

  35. Marcella Clarke says:

    This is so pretty and the pattern/colour makes me want to tweet about it to friends 🙂

    1. And I’d like to win to make baking with my daughter easier.

  36. Fay donaldson says:

    Love baking, love this range, love dotcomgiftshop. Says it all really!
    Good luck .everyone, x

  37. Lovely prize. I would love to win as this gorgeous little set would bring a touch of class and colour to my rather magnolia kitchen. It would bring spring in early 🙂

  38. says:

    I would love to win this! We’ve moved 4 times in the last two years due to various unforeseen events – I had to leave my BEAUTIFUL kitchen to move again and am now in a lovely house but with a very old, falling apart kitchen that our landlords probably aren’t going to replace. Some bluebirds would certainly cheer the whole thing up. X

  39. Oh my this range is beautiful! Me and my two girls love to bake, these lovely things would be such a nice addition to the kitchen! Pretty please! ?

  40. Helen Bennett says:

    Would love to win this as my 7 year old daughter has an interest in baking, always watching youtube tutorials on baking. I this these items will be nice for us both to share and enjoy together. They would surely enchance my time in the kitchen.

  41. Veronica Lovejoy says:

    I’d really really love to win these beautiful items. I live in a very old very dark very cold cottage and these would brighten my kitchen and give me a warm happy feeling. They are as much art as they are useful objects.

  42. Love the colour, birds are so cute. Would look lovely in my kitchen and would be perfect for all my baking!

  43. I’d love to win these as they are the perfect colours to go with my kitchen ?

  44. i would love to win as making my own wedding cake in may! how amazing would this be!

  45. charlotte says:

    I love the idea of the cake tin. I make cakes for work (love baking – hate having a house full of cake to eat!) and have yet to find a way to get a cake to work easily. Juggling bags and trying to precariously balance it isn’t fun. That looks just the thing!

  46. Vanessa Cox says:

    I have shared on Twitter (@CoxeeFoxy). I’d love to win because I am a keen baker and I’ m a big fan of baking accessories which I love using to bake or display my creations with!

  47. These beautiful bird tins would perch perfectly on my kitchen cupboards and encourage me to do more baking with my daughter. We both really enjoy it when we get round to it and being coeliac we know exactly what’s gone into the mix!. Gluten free stuff tends to go off quicker so these Tins will preserve the products for longer- unless it’s the brownies and then there’s no chance! Xxx

  48. Keely Jackson-Lee says:

    I have shared on Facebook!
    I would love to win these gorgeous goodies, I love baking for family & friends. My next cake has been requested for my sisters wedding- so no pressure!! My 12 year old daughter has developed a love of baking too & she would also love to use the cute shakers!
    Thank you xxx

  49. These beautiful bird tins would perch perfectly on my kitchen cupboards and encourage me to do more baking with my daughter. We both love love to do if when we get round tonut and as she is coeliac it means we know exactly what’s gone in the mix. Gluten free bakes tend to go off sooner do the tins will keep them fresher for longer unless they’re brownies!!! Xxx

  50. All these goodies and fabulous and are a beautiful pattern!! They’d fit perfectly in our kitchen 😉 !! Would be great to try out some of your recipes with them! All your cakes are lovely ❤️

  51. These are beautiful, i love baking so much and these would match my kitchen theme perfectly! if i won this my housemates would be more than happy as this means more cakes and cookies left in the kitchen for them to eat

  52. Michelle Williams says:

    Beautiful baking goodies! Just before Xmas I hung wall paper for a themed wall that has colours just to match which was no easy feat with an 8 month old and trying to prepare for a 5 year old birthday party. Her birthday cake is one of the first things I’ve baked since having my son, I’m really looking forward to baking more again now and new accessories would be just perfect! X

  53. Melanie Morablanco says:

    Myself and my children love baking so all the above would come in very usefull. X

  54. I adore anything to do with birds and baking so this is the perfect combo for me! I desperately need somewhere to keep all my family recipes too 🙂 this is an adorable set and would fit in perfectly with my vintage style kitchen xx

  55. Anahita Mody says:

    Wow! What a wonderful and gorgeous prize! I love bakingandall of these things look fabulous!

  56. I would love to win this, not for myself but for my lovely sister who makes such beautiful cakes and gives them to family and friends utterly selflessly. Her lemon drizzle cake is to die for! I can’t bake half as well as she does. She goes through so much and always puts on a brave face, she deserves something to make her smile for a change. As a bonus, she loves to watch the wildlife in her garden and the bird theme on this would be just perfect. A beautiful prize that would give me such pleasure to give to her. Thank you for the chance to win x

  57. Tracy Gladman says:

    Have shared on twitter. I would love to win this. I would like to get some nice baking goodies for my holiday home as at the moment I keep carrying items backwards and forwards from home to the holiday home. Some nice equipment that I can leave there would be fab.

  58. I’d love to win as the products are gorgeous and would look great in my kitchen.

  59. Laura Farnworth says:

    Shared via twitter @LAFhusky

    Id love to win as these would look so pretty in my kitchen/dining room. I love baking, have recipes doted about the cupboards on scraps of paper andI love diving in a biscuit tin x

  60. Charlotte Lockley says:

    These would look perfect in my kitchen! And I need to get back on my baking game after a hiatus (babies don’t leave much time for baking in my house!)

  61. marianne daniels says:

    Why should I win? So I can bake lots of goodies for my class (not too often, or they go crazy on the sugar and the mums won’t like it either!–but definitely for my birthday!). Definitely fun to try new recipes with new goodies. I’m working off the basics lately!

  62. Sarah prescott says:

    My daughter and I love baking and she would love using these as she is a real bird lover. They would also look lovely in our kitchen

  63. samantha mills says:

    i love to win this i bake for a childrens charity every saturday this would be a great help xx

  64. Tracey Mitchell says:

    These are gorgeous they would look lovely in my kitchen I have pinned on Pinterest x

  65. Maralyn Smith says:

    I’d like to win as I bake cakes for all my elderly neighbours. They all get a Xmas cake every year and I just love to bake.

  66. Dee Harriss says:

    I’d like to win these baking goodies for my best friend,Helen. She’s recently finished a course of radiotherapy and is on the mend now, but at home. So these baking goodies will not only brighten up her kitchen and give her a boost, but help her get back to normal by baking nice things to eat! As both she & her son are dairy intolerant, it will mean she can make healthy treats & eats suitable for them and not rely on shop bought items. Shared on Twitter @gymswimgirl ! xx

  67. Shared across all my platforms! Love this so much – I am obsessed with baking, and with cute little birds, I even have a little bird tattooed on my wrist! Would love to win!

  68. Candice Rau says:

    This is a beautiful tin collection. My mum loves tins. She has a beautiful collection. If I was lucky enough to win I would give these to her. She would be over the moon. Fingers crossed

  69. Meena Hindmarch says:

    I love to bake but actually don’t have most of these things and could really use them, especially the cake carrier. Plus they are so pretty!

  70. I’d love to win because my baking supplies are so poor, I love baking but would never be able to buy anything as lovely as this!! Please let us win 😀

  71. I have shared on facebook – I would love to win this, all my baking equipment is so old.

  72. Such lovely cakey prizes! Am just trying to renew my love for baking and promised my family a cake a week (at least ?) and transporting them to my Mothers house would be so much easier, safer and nicer in a pretty cake carrier too !

  73. Adrian Bold says:

    I’d love to win since I do actually bake. Good luck to everyone though.

  74. Tania Atfield says:

    I’d love to win this as I have never owned a cake carrier tin, I have to make do with old sweet tins, also I have loads of recipes to go in the recipe tin.

  75. Greig spencer says:


  76. What a stunning set of goodies … Would love to win this for my Mum she absolutely loves baking … and is also very fond of birds … the bluebird would be a fun thing as I always say she is like Snow White in the kitchen, everything comes out perfect !! … and if I won she would have the blue birds to help her too lol

  77. Elizabeth Gurney says:

    I’d love to win as I’d love to give this to my mum for Mother’s day/her birthday. One of her favourite things to do is watch the birds in her prized garden! Blue tits are regular visitors so she’d love this 🙂
    I have shared on facebook!
    Elizabeth Gurney x

  78. Claire Ward says:

    Simply because these would look awesome in my kitchen

  79. helen newton says:

    I would love to win for my sister , we both love baking , I would love to surprise her with this beautiful set 🙂

  80. laura bean says:

    ive shared this on facebook,
    I would love to win as one thing we always do when we have a visit from my stepdaughter is baking, watching my step daughter and daughter having fun and making memories, and delicious food is such a treat!

  81. Natalie Crossan says:

    Shared Via Facebook – I’d love to win because I’m really getting into baking lately 🙂

  82. Samantha Atherton says:

    I would so love to win these they are beautiful & would get pride of place in my kitchen, displayed like little works of art.
    I bake all the time & the cake carrier would make a much better impression then the old ‘Christmas chocolates’ tin I currently transport my cakes in. Plus the cookie canister reminds me of the one my Nan had when I was little so brings back fond memories of her.

  83. Jessica Powell says:
    Shared via pinterest
    I would like to win because I bake cupcakes for my baby brother and sister every sunday. They both have celiac meaning that they cant eat anything containing gluten.This made them feel very isolated at school due to the large amount of goodies that they cant eat. In order for them to not feel left out I make gluten free cupcakes for them to take to school. Each one is decorated differently and often shared with a friend. Even gluten free cakes can taste nice!

  84. Victoria Prince says:

    I should win because I love baking, and I think these are really pretty 🙂 I really love the birds. Plus I don’t have a flour shaker, and everyone should have a flour shaker 😀

    Shared via Twitter! Thank you!

  85. Gemma Holland says:

    I’d love to win please as I’ve just painted my kitchen units and would love to spruce it up further with these lovely accessories. Thank you. I’ve shared on Twitter @twirlyswirl79

  86. Sharing, my mum loves cooking cakes for me and the kids, but never buys myself anything new. Would be great to surprise her with some new bits

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