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WIN: Pyrex bundle giveaway

WIN a Pyrex bundle giveaway


“Wowzers!” I hear you cry! Can I win all of that! Well yes you can.

Pyrex is 100 years old this year so when they asked if I would like to do a giveaway here on I jumped at the chance. I mean what baker doesn’t love a bit of Pyrex kitchen kit?

So, what’s in the bundle?

The big bowl

I’ve had a 3.0L Pyrex Glass Bowl,small Pyrex bowl and Pyrex jug in my ‘essential’ kit for as long as I can remember. I use the large bowl to mix ALL my cake mixes in as I now use my hand held whisk for practically everything. That big bowl is the perfect size for cakes up to 10″ and you can’t say that about many mixing bowls!

The Small bowl

The small 1 litre Pyrex Bowl,  I have is so old now. It’s got a ton of scratches at the bottom where I mix eggs for omelettes and have done so since Tim and I first moved in together. So, it must be about 18 years old! Boy am I showing my age now! The thing I use it for most of all now is warming up butter. I shared this Mary Berry tip a few years ago where you place cold butter from the fridge in the bowl then add tepid water and leave it for ten minutes so the butter softens up to room temperature. My kitchen is so cold – especially in the winter so I do this for most cakes. The softer the butter the better the cake mix.

Pyrex giveaway mixing bowls

The Small Jug

The small 0.5 l Pyrex Jug is what I use to measure (no brainer really!) but I also always break my eggs into this jug when making cakes. It’s become a bit of a ritual habit for me. Do you know that when you break eggs into a glass container any tiny bits of shell that get in the mix sink to the bottom, so you can lift the jug up and look underneath to check that there aren’t any fragments lurking down there.  I used to have the big 1 litre Pyrex jug but I dropped it and was really gutted. It’s another great sized piece that has so many uses. I must replace that some time!Pyrex giveaway jug

Kitchen lab precise measure

This is a really clever device. It was new to me but since I’ve had my hands on it I’ve used it tons. The Pyrex test tube design  has this clever rubber base so it can stand up while you measure really small amounts of liquid into it so, when a cake calls for 4 tea spoons of vanilla essence you can measure them in one go. It can measure up to 50ml, 1 ½ Fl. Oz, 6 tea spoons and 3 tablespoons, handy when you’re baking big cakes. You don’t loose count when you measure in one go!

Pyrex giveaway  measuring small liquidBaking tray

I love baking trays. I don’t know any keen baker who doesn’t. You just can’t have enough of them can you? This Pyrex asimetriA BAKING TRAY  has a raised surface and is designed to give you an even distribution of heat so those cookies will all come out the same. It’s a really good size. I can get 30 cookies on just this one tray.

Pyrex giveaway - baking tray

Loaf tin

This Pyrex asimetriA Loaf tin is the only part of this bundle I haven’t baked with yet. I’m thinking about doing a long thin cheesecake with it next month with a line of cherries down the centre. What do you think? It’s not your traditional size loaf tin. It’s longer (26cm) which I really like. It gives you a point of difference… and more cake. What would you bake with one of these?

Pyrex giveaway - loaf tin

Muffin tin

This Pyrex asimetriA MUFFIN TRAY has really tall, straight sides. I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to muffins. They never seem to rise up as much as I’d like, but when I used this tin to make cupcakes a couple of weeks ago they came out really neat and even – just what I wanted. The straighter the sides of the cake wells the more professional the cakes look in my opinion.

Pyrex giveaway - muffin tray

 Sandwich tins

These Pyrex asimetriA sandwich tins are probably the most useful size you can get – or at least they’re the size I use the most. So with that in mind I now have four 8″ sandwich tins. Great for layered cakes or rainbow cakes. These sit inside each other for handy storage and bake a chocolate victoria sponge cake perfectly – as I did last month. Great quality and non-stickability.Pyrex sandwich tins


So, basically I have these essentials in my baking cupboard and they get a ton of regular use. So do you want some? These are all up for grabs in one lovely big giveaway bundle. You can win……

  • 1 x Large 3 litre Pyrex Mixing Bowl (rrp £4.99)
  • 1 x Small Pyrex bowl (rrp £2.99)
  • 1 x Pyrex jug (rrp £2.99)
  • 1 x Kitchen lab presice measure (rrp £6.99)
  • 1 x Baking tray (£8.99)
  • 1 x Muffin tin (£11.99)
  • 2 x round sandwich cake tins (rrp £8.99 each)
  • 1 x long loaf tin (rrp £6.99)

So that’s over £60 worth of baking goodness.

To win all you have to do is share a comment below with what you would bake using this fabulous Pyrex bundle AND enter your name into the Rafflecopter random number generator on the pink link below.

Click here to enter the  giveaway

and don’t forget to leave a comment! 

I wish you the best of luck

Emma x

Terms and Conditions

This Pyrex giveaway ends at 11.59pm on 21st May 2015. The prize consists of 1 x Large 3 litre Pyrex Mixing Bowl, 1 x Small Pyrex bowl, 1x Pyrex jug,1 x Kitchen lab presice measure, 1 x Baking tray, 1x Muffin tin, 2 x round sandwich cake tins,1 x long loaf tin. It is open to UK entrants only (sorry).  Leaving a blog post comment is a mandatory entry option. This prize is offered by Pyrex and is hosted on Please note that is not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. A winner will be selected by the Rafflecopter widget and that person will be notified within 7 days. The products offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.

Disclosure: I have not been paid for this post. Pyrex very kindly sent me this set of bakewares for review on and will provice a duplicate set which will be sent to the giveaway winner. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are true and honest.  

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  1. what a great ofeer it would be a great use to me being disabled and with grandchildren I love to have them with me when I cook the extra bowls and cooking equipment is always useful

  2. I want ALL the pretties 😀 hmm I would have to use the sandwich tins to make a beautiful Victoria sponge (thanks for linking btw, when you posted a picture on the sugar syrup post I was coveting the tins!) and the loaf tin to make a lemon drizzle. I haven’t got on well with pyrex cupcake tins before but they might have changed them!

    Re dropping, I feel your pain. My mum’s pyrex bowls are old, as in, they’re in pints old. The middle size cracked and the new litre one isn’t exactly the same size, so they don’t stack as neatly anymore. Sad times. It also shows up how badly we’ve scratched the bowls over the years with whisks and things!

  3. jenny shannon says:

    I love baking, but most of mine got broke with moving, would lv to win,

  4. Ruth Bonser says:

    couldn’t resist entering this! Who doesn’t love a bit of Pyrex….

  5. What a great giveaway! I’m getting together with my Mum soon to bake some old family recipes. I would use the loaf tin to make my dad’s mum’s date loaf, the sandwich tins to make mum’s mum’s spiced apple cake and the jug and the jug and bowls to make my dad’s Scottish tablet.

  6. Marie Eden says:

    With 3 children at school now there seems to be a cake stall on almost a weekly basis, sometimes both schools on the same day, so this set and particularly the muffin tin would come in very useful for producing this near endless supply of cakes. There are also my families birthday cakes, this year my youngest son want a Lego Movie Unikitty cake this year (probably when shes angry kitty so it’s red instead of pink) I have until August to figure that one out. I’ve had my pyrex bowls/jug since I got married so they are about 23 years old (married young had kids late.) so could really use replacing the jug levels are so faded they are barley legable now. This set would be well used if I was the lucky one.

  7. I would make some double chocolate chip cookies to turn into ice cream sandwiches that my son’s want to make and a lovely coffee cake in the tins for myself!!

  8. Julie Clarke says:

    OOOOH!!! you can never have enough bowls and tins when your baking…that’s what I say. I’ve recently started a little cake business from home so this would all come in handy when I’m making my sponge cakes.

  9. Jess Boniface says:

    My 2 year old is currently addicted to blueberry muffins, blueberry loaf cake and to be honest just anything blueberry! I would use all of these to make him healthy versions of all of his (and mummy’s) favourites!

  10. It very expensive in my country to get items like would mean a lot to me and my family If I am given this beautiful gift thank you.

  11. Anni Large says:

    I’m just getting into baking so this would be the perfect “starter kit”. 🙂

  12. A Victoria Sandwich with our 11 yr old as it is his favourite and he is just starting cookery lessons in secondary school so he is really excited to start learning bless him, I can see lots of family bake days on the way x

  13. I’m about to move into my new home and these would make a lovely addition to my kitchen!

  14. Lisa Everaert says:

    I need all the help in the kitchen i can get so having good quality items to help is a must. i would love to win xx many thanks for the chance.

  15. As I absolutely love to cook and bake! I love to try out new recipes!

  16. I would love to win this as I’m only just really getting into baking and still lack some proper equipment. Lovely prize 🙂

  17. Paul Wilson says:

    I’ve just rediscovered my love of baking, and this set would be ideal.

  18. Sarah Lee says:

    I’d love to win this prize. I love baking and these Pyrex items would be very useful

  19. Susan Jarrett says:

    I use pyrex nearly every day and have been doing for 45 years of marriage. Time for some new pyrex I think!

  20. I would love to win this Pyrex bundle because there are a few items on the list that I do not own but would love! I am always baking and my children love to help too! Thank you x

  21. I’d love to win this because I’m still learning how to bake, I can almost make perfect handmade bread, etc. My current baking utensils are cheap and need replacing, this bundle would be awesome to win! However, there will be others who’d need it more than me. Have a great day! =)

  22. Mary Heald says:

    My bakeware is really grotty so it would be so nice to have some quality products

  23. I am only just starting baking so this would be a good set to use to make lots of nice cakes with.

  24. Caroline Spring Clarke says:

    I would love to win this as my baking utensils are cheapies from Tesco.

  25. Helen Webb says:

    I use my Pyrex jug so much you can hardly see the numbers so a new one would be great! The bowls are useful for EVERYTHING! I’d make chocolate muffins in the muffin tin, Malteser cake in the sponge tins and a ginger loaf in the loaf tin

  26. Kathleen Jackson says:

    love baking

  27. Ashleigh Allan says:

    I love baking so this would be ideal – they would be well used!

  28. Chocolate sponge and a nut roast

  29. Oh what a fab prize I would love them. I love baking so would put them to good use 🙂

  30. It’s about time I got serious about baking!

  31. claire blaney says:

    I really want to get into cooking food from scratch & with this bundle i would be able to start get creative with food which would be amazing for me & my family to enjoy home cooked food.

  32. Lorna Kennedy says:

    I’ve just become a foster mum so this kit would help keep us all busy and entertained, with the added bonus of feeding us too 🙂

  33. Amy Skinner says:

    My son and I love making fairy cakes, not the most impressive but we love cooking together

  34. Elaine Savage says:

    Pyrex has been a great part of my kitchen for 40 years so its safe to say I trust this brand over any other!

  35. sue hodges says:

    I love pyrex – my current measuring jug is so well used the markings have almost rubbed off – have to really look closely at it when measuring!

  36. Laura Burn says:

    Because I love baking and would teach my 2 yr old daughter and have some fun

  37. Michelle Holden says:

    I would love to win this!

  38. Louise Gant says:

    Ive been inspired to start baking, not the most confident person in by abilities when it comes to food, but with so many bake sales at my Sons school, I,’m the only one who brings shop bought cakes! I would love to try a lemon drizzle and some red velvet cup cakes, although I havent got a clue! I love a good carrot cake so will be trying that too. Hopefully they will be ok

  39. Lisa Evans says:

    My girls loved baking and we’re in desperate need to update our kitchen utensils/items!! It’s a fabulous prize!

  40. This is going to be an amazing piece of kit if I win. M love for baking is growing everyday and I definitely need it. Look forward to this. All excited, fingers crossed..!!

  41. I love Pyrex. I still have my first glass dish that I had to buy for cookery at school (a long time ago). They have been around for 100 years so that says something. I would make a coffee and walnut cake and some muffins. I like the idea of making up my own recipe. Something using lavender possibly.

  42. jodie crossley says:

    would love to win as everything looks fab and would love some new bakeware!

  43. rebecca gibson says:

    I would like this as all my baking bits are getting old and need a refresh

  44. I’d love to start baking, but don’t have any equipment, so this prize would be great!!

  45. Liam Bishop says:

    Great comp thanks! My wife loves baking, and everyone benefits from all the extra cakes! 🙂

  46. Bina Geyer says:

    i still have my cooking gear we got for our wedding 16 years ago and its all breaking and coatings are coming off. Would love some new stuff

  47. Awe thank you so much!! Entered and fingers crossed :))

  48. Liz Slade says:

    Perfect for my step daughter’s “bottom drawer”, as she has her Mum’s baking gene

  49. Pyrex things are such great quality, and your post has made me realised I’m severely lacking in a good stock! I’d make a great victoria sandwich first up – need an excuse to try out a new gluten free recipe 🙂

  50. I should win because I adore baking and I would put everything to good use.

  51. I love pyrex, it’s so long lasting – this set would be great to replace all the uber-cheap stuff we moved in with!

  52. aaron broad says:

    I would give it to my parents, they deserve some new bits (:

  53. I would love to win this Pyrex bundle because I’m trying to cook more things from scratch rather than buying ready meals or jars of sauces. This Pyrex bundle would make life a lot easier because nothing will stick! xxx

  54. Because I have always liked Pyrex products and my bakeware could do with updating

  55. I love to bake, and would use these lovely things to help me test out other peoples recipes, and make new ones of my own

  56. laura banks says:

    my baking gear is starting to look a little tired and old

  57. charliemc7 says:

    I’d make some red velvet cupcakes, yum!

  58. Helen Thurston says:

    If I won this bundle I’d bake a celebratory Victoria Sponge and a lemon drizzle cake. Love my Pyrex, some of it was my nan’s (and still in use) x

  59. Kate Loader says:

    I’d bake a Victoria Sponge, with Jam and Cream in the middle! Yum Yum!

  60. Michaela Brennan says:

    I would use this fabulous Pyrex baking set to make Lemon Drizzle Cake- my grandmother’s recipe. An oldie but a goodie!

  61. I should win because I love Pyrex, they are fantastic quality and I would love to be able to bake

  62. This is a really lovely giveaway… I like to bake when I get chance, which hasn’t been enough lately! On maternity leave at the moment, and if I won this it would encourage me to get baking again coz I think it’d be lovely to surprise my hard-working fella with something tasty and homemade when he gets in from work.
    Many thanks for the chance! x

  63. Claire bodin says:

    Banana cake

  64. Kirsty Ward says:

    Because i LOVE baking, And im in need of some new Baking equipment! 🙂

  65. mandy avery says:

    i love pyrex, you cant beat it

  66. claire blaney says:

    I would have a tea party & bake cupcakes & sponge cakes as well as jam tarts & other cakes

  67. Holly Gibson says:

    As a student, baking is a great way to make cheap desserts, breakfasts and treats, and I love experimenting with healthy, low sugar recipes. I don’t have much kitchen equipment, and often have to make do, but there would be nothing better than pyrex!

  68. gemma brown says:

    Because I love to bake and pyrex lasts forever

  69. I’m just getting into baking so this lot would really set me up for it.

  70. Richard Randall says:

    I’m always running out of cookware, when cooking for the family.

  71. All my stuff is so old and tatty so this would be fantastic to replace it all with, would have no excuse then not to get in the kitchen and make some goodies for the family x

  72. clair downham says:

    because i am in desperate need of new cooking and baking items thankyou

  73. Anthony G says:

    Well, I’m a bit of a whisk taker and I’m thinking of starting a small private baking service from home. I know it’s a crumby job but I knead the dough. I consider myself to be a fairly good baker, so I should rise to the occasion – it’s the yeast I can do. It shouldn’t be difficult to manage, especially if I won this quality Pyrex baking bundle – I’m sure it will be a piece of cake.

    (Remember: You can’t be sad when you’re holding a cupcake!)

  74. Because I love to bake and my favourite thing to do is bake for other people!

  75. I bake quite often, in fact I did a lemon drizzle yesterday. I could make that in the loaf tin. And bake my nephews birthday cake in the round ones. Cheese scones on the rectangle tray. Loads of stuff! And I LOVE that they have ‘handles’ on them. My old tins don’t and are hard to grab, esp the fairy cake tin. I have to leave a couple of empty holes along the front so I have a grab place!

  76. Megan Bayford says:


  77. jen morgan says:

    As baking is one of my fav hobby and I have my mums wedding anniversary coming up so would love to bake something fab for her and my dad

  78. Emma Nixon says:

    It would spur me on to do more home baking. I have lots of recipes I want to try

  79. Stacey Tripconey says:

    Because I could bake lots of cakes with my daughter 🙂

  80. Emma Archer says:

    I would without a doubt use the loaf tin to make my famous lemon drizzle cake! Xx

  81. Tracy Hanley says:

    I love to bake with my granddaughter when she comes to stay

  82. Maria Holden says:

    Yummy sweet treats for the family

  83. I love baking but am limited by the few limited tools we have, it would be so much fun to not be held back in that way!

  84. lifeandlipstick1 says:

    Having just moved back into my parents house (at 28 it is a bit of a nightmare!!) their bakeware needs a serious update! My mum has a habit of using a wire scouring pad on everything, so I would love to win to replace some of their ancient trays and tins.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. lifeandlipstick1 says:

      Oh, it’s a different question on the rafflecopter widget to in your post… I would make a loaf of banana bread. x

  85. natasha coad says:

    Love pyrex, I always buy the casserole dishes!

  86. Danielle Shearer says:

    If I win I will be using it to make my wedding cake

  87. Monica Gilbert says:

    It would be nice to finally have a nice selection of baking equipment.

  88. Karen Barrett says:

    I love baking with my Grand-Daughter so these would be a welcome addition

  89. Would love this, could do so much more baking, as my current stuff I use isn’t too hot

  90. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    We love baking and would put them to good use!

  91. emma gent says:

    I Would bake my family a feast of cakes and biscuits xx

  92. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I would love to win so that //i/ can teach my little girl how to bake.

  93. Natalie Crossan says:

    Because I’m hoping to start baking more this summer xx

  94. Michelle Hollingsbee says:

    I’m a huge fan of cooking and baking and pyrex is a must have for the kitchen….I simply don’t have enough of it!

  95. paul martin says:

    I love to cook and bake healthy stuff for the family and these would be well used in our home

  96. kayleigh Bates says:

    My 4 year old is just starting to enjoy making things, I’m not very good so were learning together

  97. My current tins are in need of replaceing 20+ years old. They are getting lots of use with lots of school cake stalls to raise funds for our little village school

  98. Elizabeth Robinson says:

    I’d use them to make a red velvet cake for my girlfriend’s birthday (her favourite)

  99. I would love to win as all my baking wear is quite old now and I really need some new 🙂

  100. Simon Harris says:

    i love to bake with my kids

  101. debbie smith says:

    we love baking and cooking in our house and this fab equipment would make the job much more easier ! fab giveaway x

  102. Heather T says:

    I love to eat what I’ve baked

  103. I would like to win this bundle as my baking tins are old and need replacing

  104. Vanessa Cox says:

    I love baking and kitchen accessories

  105. Nikki Stewart says:

    I really enjoy cooking and baking for my family so this would be perfect! x

  106. Heather Reading says:

    God I’d love to win this lot, we have a jug we can barely see the measurements on and my husband uses my cake tins to roast potatoes in !!! Some good quality gear would be lovely x

  107. maureen findley says:

    because i love to bake and this would encourage me more

  108. sarah birkett says:

    my daughter is using “baking” as her new skill for her D of E course. this would be a huge help

  109. Bryony Brooke says:

    I’d bake vanilla cupcakes – simple and quick but still feel like a treat!

  110. Lesley Bradley says:

    everything in this bundle would be very,very well used in our household!

  111. I would love to win as my pans are pretty worn out and I love to bake

  112. My baking equipment must be about 25 years old.. I think I can almost justify throwing it out now

  113. KIM GRIFFITHS says:

    great prize and would really update my baking

  114. Bex Allum says:

    Because I smashed my pyrex jug a few weeks ago. I love pyrex

  115. I’ve never been too experimental with baking, my expertise stretches as far as sandwich cakes and butterfly buns! I would however love to learn a bit more and try new things like strawberry muffins & cheesecakes etc.

  116. Amanda Walsh (@mandymoo2014) says:

    I have a distinct lack of pyrex in my cupboards, apart from a bowl my Mum gave me years ago. I am always baking and cooking so would make good use of them

  117. We have a ‘bake off’ at work and having these goodies would definitely put me in good stead as a winner!

  118. Id love to win to give to my daughter who has just got her own flat. Living with me has meant she hasnt really had a chance to try out her cooking skills yet so this would give her the tolls she needs to start cooking

  119. Jaelin Farrow says:

    I’m currently on a low calorie diet and I’m fairly limited in my kitchen supplies! So, I’d make some healthy muffins and have a go at making my own bread!

  120. William Triscott says:

    My kids love baking and I often dont have what we need to make whatever they want to bake.

  121. WOW what a prize to win. I am always baking cakes and giving them out to my neighbours, having all this extra equipment would mean that I could bake many more cakes and share them with even more neighbours, they would be very pleased. I am also teaching a daughter of my next door neighbour to cook, so I am sure that all this equipment would truly come in handy.
    hugs xxxxx

  122. I would love to win this as I have my daughters Christening soon and I have a cake and cupcakes to make. This would be perfect to help.

  123. Oh my goodness! I’ve used Pyrex since I baked with my gran many moons ago! I’d love to have some more items of my own, especially now I have a new kitchen! 🙂

  124. I would love this. Since moving out I have realised there are so many things I need but haven’t got round to buying yet so this would be amazing!

  125. C Kennedy says:

    I’d love to win as I absolutely love baking, and you can never have enough pyrex!

  126. Sheila Fox says:

    I’d love to WIN this fabulous prize, please! I am a very happy Grandma of six … a ‘lady of a certain age’ ~ and many of my baking bits’n’pieces need to be replaced. This fantastic, useful prize would just ‘do the trick’! Thank you!

  127. I’d just love a new matching quality set – I cook everything from scratch so spend a lot of time in the kitchen

  128. I would love to win the bundle of goodies from Pyrex, as I am the co-ordinator for Free Cakes For Kids in our area. It would become a prize in our annual Cake and Bake competition in October

  129. I love baking for me and my family and would really appreciate winning this as my stuff is old and really needs replacing x

  130. Kay Panayi says:

    I’d love to have these now I’m learning to cook

  131. My husband bakes bread, but now wants to get into cake baking. This would be a wonderful present for him and a great encouragement.

  132. Janine Phillips says:

    I’d bake a Death by Chocolate cake x

  133. Would love to win this, pyrex is great stuff

  134. I would love to win to be able to make a fabulous cake for my son & future daughter-in-law’s wedding!

  135. Jodie Cook says:

    I would love to win these for my mum. Over the years I have “borrowed” all of her baking equipment, so would love to replace them with brand new for her.

  136. Heather Haigh says:

    I just love cooking and baking but am short of good cook ware

  137. Emma Birley says:

    I’d give them to my daughter so she could use them (she’s fantastic at baking!), and she can bake her amazing banana loafs and cakes <3

  138. leigh boyle says:

    id like to win because me and my girls love baking and cooking x

  139. because i am in desperate need of some new baking gear!

  140. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    I have always had cheap Kitchen utensils and pans – So I would love to have a named brand that is reliable x

  141. BECCA STAPLES says:

    Would love to win as we are just in the process of buying a house and i have a lovely new kitchen and would love some nice new pyrex gear to go in it. Fingers crossed, thanks for the giveaway x

  142. pixiepie123 says:

    I would like to win this for my eldest son who is just setting up his first home with his partner

  143. Mummy of Two says:

    Because all of my kitchen stuff is so old it puts me off baking which I do love doing, especially when I get the children involved!

  144. Because i love filling my cupboards with beautiful bakeware and planning to be a proper cook one day 😉

  145. i love baking

  146. superluckydi says:

    My son informs me that I would be making a giant cupcake topped with M&Ms. I fear he’s been watching YouTube again!

  147. esther james says:

    I only own one pyrex item and that is a jug. Its fab and would love to own more

  148. Michelle Whyte says:

    What a fantastic prize…I love baking

  149. comphem64 says:

    I would bake a victoria sandwich as Im always doing traybakes and loaves because I havent got any decent sandwich tins!!

  150. Melissa Breckon says:

    I would really love to have a good clear out of all my baking utensils and start again buying matching bits, this would be great to win as it would get my going.

  151. Chris Michael says:

    A nice prize.

  152. Catherine Amaro says:

    We just got a new oven that works properly so I’m looking to start using it again 🙂

  153. Nicola De Bond says:

    I love to bake! I would like to win all these goodies to add to my current equipment so I can bake more cakes at once such as Classics like Victoria sandwich and lemon drizzle and then give out to friends and family!

  154. claire haskins says:

    i adore baking with my little boy

  155. Tammy Tudor says:

    I love to cook and bake and I’d be so happy as it always brings the family together and makes me smile,

  156. I enjoy baking and it would be nice to get some new equipment

  157. We’ve just moved out of my mums and into a new place and I had the horrible realisation the other day that I’ve left most of my baking stuff at hers – 200 miles away! Gutted!

  158. My kitchen equipment is all chipped, rusty and old! I really need some new bits like this so would love to win as the kids really enjoy baking.

  159. I’m baking mad so this would be really useful for me x

  160. I’d love to give these to my gran who enjoys baking

  161. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    having been ill for three years, I’m just getting back into life – baking is something I used to enjoy and this would inspire me

  162. Michelle Carlin says:

    I’m about to move into my new house and my Mum has promised to help me to re-learn to bake!

  163. I should win because I had a disaster with my small Pyrex bowl. I was melting marshmallows in it in the microwave and then couldn’t get them out so had to throw the bowl away 🙁
    My hubby also managed to smash our jug the other day, he replaced it with a big jug but it’s just not the same :/

  164. leanne weir says:

    i love to bake but i need some new bowls

  165. I’d love to learn to bake, I enjoy reading balking blogs like yours and was given baking cookery books for Christmas but I don’t have the appropriate kitchen kit to start! I’m trying to build up a collection of tins each month but its a slow process. I’ll get there one day! 🙂

  166. Keshia Esgate says:

    I love baking and my baking equipment is ancient and rusty!

  167. Kirsten Barthy says:

    So I can start baking with my daughter

  168. faye huntington says:

    Because i;m trying to improve my cooking for my mum! 🙂


  169. I love baking! Today i made a chocolate cake and cupcakes

  170. I would make a Lemon Drizzle cake as this is a family favourite – need some new items as my measuring jug is almost unreadable now, and I definitely need some new baking tins as mine are a bit battered now

  171. Tracey Belcher says:

    I have rekindled my love for cooking and adore life on the waterways in my new galley so would really appreciate these

  172. Angela Walton says:

    I love baking and cooking on a regular basis and the Pyrex range is the best I’ve come across so far. Plenty of products for every use and the quality is amazing, and they last for a very long time

  173. Alison Weatherald says:

    Ooh, I could have some fun with these, putting a new twist on some of my families favourite recipes!

  174. Claire Rush says:

    What a fabulous prize! I could do with this! I have one or two basics but I am just starting out in my own home and don’t have my mums range of bowls and tins to fall back on (she lives about 70 miles from me 🙁 ).

  175. amyleigh evans says:

    I love to bake

  176. Keeley Atkinson says:

    Because no matter how much I nag the fella for new equipment, it never appears lol

  177. Gemma Snell says:

    would love to win! we love baking in our house and with my daughters bday coming up lots of baking will be required 🙂

  178. Andrew Hindley says:

    This would be great to show my grand children how to bake

  179. Amy Squires says:

    I love baking cakes so that would probably be what I use it most!

  180. with baby due soon, i am hoping to lots of freezer food to help us at the time & not being a great baker, need all the help i can get for my baby shower/gender reveal 🙂

  181. Natalia S says:

    cause I feel lucky

  182. steph lovatt says:

    I love baking and as my son is dairy and egg free due to allergies I’m having to experiment with other ingredients, this set would be amazing.

  183. HELEN ANDERSON says:

    Make cakes with my daughter we will have hours of fun x

  184. Kat Allinson says:

    My 3 year old daughter loves baking, so all of this would be amazingly handy, especially as she has broken one or two pieces of my old pyrex 🙂

  185. I would like to win because I’ve been so busy with work, I would like to cook a meal with the best equipment 🙂

  186. Karen Lloyd says:

    I should win because I used to love baking but I’ve lost my baking mojo. I’m sure winning this amazing prize should get me back on track.

  187. why not ?

  188. stephen holman says:

    i need all the help i can get with my poor baking attempts – at least having some decent kit would be a start 🙂

  189. Susan Hoggett says:

    love baking ,trying new recipes these tins would be great

  190. I love to bake and love to get my son involved too but our baking supplies are seriously lacking so would be a great prize to win

  191. Because I love baking and they would be looked after 🙂

  192. cat culmer says:

    My kitchen equipment is shocking so I’d love to updated it to help make meal times easier.

  193. My old tins are getting too icky

  194. Because I love baking for my boyfriend as a treat, and this Pyrex bundle will make it even easier!

  195. Id love to win as I know Pyrex is such a good name and would love to add to my kitchenalia 🙂

  196. Allison Sherwood says:

    I absolutely love baking but haven’t baked anything for a while as I am healthy eating. I have just found some great healthy baking recipes online so can’t wait to get started on my baking again. This set would be perfect to get me up and running again x

  197. lisa brandling says:

    my daughters just getting into baking on her own (she’s 4) and my baking equipment is pretty old and rubbish. could do with some new ones!

  198. christy spencer says:

    Love Pyrex they last forever well my mums 21st birthday present a pryex jug lasted for over 30 years till I dropped it oops!! I would love to own a set of Pryex baking equipment so hopefully me baking will taste that little bit better and not stick to the tin

  199. katherine grieve says:

    To help me with my baking x

  200. Rachael Marsden says:

    When baking I never seem to have the right tin etc, it ends up going wrong as I use another one

  201. tracey olver says:

    would love to win these as my baking equipment is very old

  202. Alison MacDonald says:

    I love baking and would love to win these as good baking trays and equipment makes a huge difference to how well you cook and how easy it is to cook. 🙂

  203. Kelly Hooper says:

    because its my birthday 😀

  204. I would love to win as I am always baking for the hubsters work…..but my pans have seen better days

  205. barbara madden says:

    I have retired and would love these has I now have time to do more cooking for the family and this would be great has i have not got much baking products left

  206. Rebecca Lis (@bex552) says:

    Because i love baking and just moved house so now have more cupboards to fill!

  207. Victoria Middleton says:

    I inherited all my nan’s lovely Pyrex Dishes, unfortunately they are really showing the signs of many years abuse!

  208. Dawn Wilkinson says:

    great equipment might improve my cooking

  209. jenette ogborn says:

    I would love to win so that I could give this to my sister, she has been following slimming world for 4 months and is doing really well. It means she is cooking lots more this would be ideal for her. Thank you for the chance

  210. Rebecca Barnes says:

    We’re about to move into our first home and I’d love to invite the girls round for homewarming afternoon tea!

  211. Jade Walsh says:

    I’d love to win this as it’s my mums birthday soon and she would absolutely adore this as a present! She loves baking new treats for my little sisters =)

  212. I love baking and trying new recipes out and this would make things a lot easier for me

  213. I love baking and my tins are a bit old and tatty, These would be fab. I would make muffins first

  214. My baking cupboard could do with a refresh and this would be ideal!

  215. sammy1968 says:

    I would love to win this to give to my wonderful mum who is always making sponges for the family

  216. cause my kids love to help and it would be great to have enough of everything so we had no tears.

  217. Sue Dorking says:

    I’d start with carrot cake because that’s my family’s favourite and then a tea loaf because I love that! I’d love to try making some speciality bread. this set would be fantastic.

  218. Sarah Lewis says:

    Because I don’t own any Pyrex

  219. katie thomas says:

    To pursuade me to do some baking!

  220. would love to get my daughter into cooking with this she could have her own utensils and dishes and we could cook side by side

  221. I would love to win this baking set as all of my equipment is hand me downs from my student days and could really do with being replaced with shiny new things!

  222. I really want to start baking more and this would really help. 🙂

  223. I would love to win as I do lots of baking with my 2 little ones and all of our “Old” pans have become slightly worn and scratched (and perhaps a little burnt lol) from all of our trial and errors so we would love some new baking and cooking equipment! x

  224. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I’d like to start baking with my little girl as she’s really getting interested in watching me cook.

  225. Kathryn Rowe says:

    I’d love to win this so me and my daughter could do some baking.

  226. Because I seem to be cooking for more as I take on my mother-in-law and her elderly neighbour!

  227. I would love to win these so I can get more baking done. I would love to try new recipes.

  228. Because my husband decided he didn’t like glass cook wear and took all mine to the tip when I was at work one day

  229. Hazel Rush says:

    Because I love baking with my daughter!

  230. Jane Middleton says:

    Because I would love to get more into baking but don’t have the right tools

  231. great present for my cousin who just bought a house then finds out his fiance is pregnant

  232. Paula Phillips says:

    I love baking but don’t have a lot of equipment yet so this would be great.

  233. joanna sawka says:

    I would love to win this, so I could bake various things for my son

  234. Izzy Smith says:

    i love baking

  235. I’ve had all my baking kit since before I got married, a long time ago, so am greatly in need of some new kit

  236. Sarah Franks says:

    I should win because I’d be using it to help my nieces who have eating disorders due to being in an abusive environment. They’re pre-schoolers and we’ve got a lot of work to do to correct this issue, so I’d be putting it to good use in my mum’s kitchen full of the organic fruit and veg that she grows, by using her food to get my nieces back on track with having a healthy relationship with food.

  237. i should win because ive just taken up cooking and baking and to be honest u need good equipment to bake well

  238. Susan Carruthers says:

    I’d like to win these because I love Pyrex and really need some new cake tins. To start with I would bake a coffee and walnut cake and a fruit loaf.

  239. Sarah Rees says:

    The last few pyrex items I bought was when you had to save stamps with coop to get a discount – That was 21 years ago and I still have a few pieces left. I would really love to update to a new set

  240. Hannah Whitling says:

    I have harly any baking ware and would love to get back into baking again, so winning this bundle would set me up for it and make me vary happy to do something I’d love to do again.

  241. Lorraine Crawford says:

    Would be nice to add some new baking goodies to what I have. Pyrex is great, I have an old scratched jug which is still going strong after over 20 years!

  242. Alison Johnson says:

    I love baking but all my bowls are looking a bit old & tatty with cracks in the glaze now. My measuring jugs no longer have meaurements on the side as they as so old also. I need to be precise instead of making a best guess each time!

  243. seeing all those budding masterchefs make mouth watering deserts make me envoius to copy or emulate them. This would be a stepping stone to achieving this goal

  244. Alisa Moore says:

    Would love to win as I’d like to get into baking

  245. Because I absolutely love to bake but I have only have a limited amount of baking equipment which stops me from baking so much.

  246. Alexandra McGahey says:

    Id love to win this bundle because I love baking with my two children – and they love it too, but I admit that some of my baking equipment needs updating/replacing so this would be super!

  247. Kay Broomfield says:

    I love to bake with my son so I’d love to win this so we can experiment with more cake making together.

  248. Samantha Huntley says:

    Love to bake but never seems to have the right trays so these would be lovely

  249. Jamie Millard says:

    There’s no ‘should’ win for me. I shouldn’t win it over every other eligible entrant. I would LIKE to win though.

    Good luck everyone.

  250. I love Pyrex. It is a quality brand. I moved I tomy first home not so long ago so am trying to increase my crockery and bakeware. This would really help.

  251. I really enjoy baking byt current set of tins are all battered. It would be nice to get new ones (especially the muffin tin!)

  252. Lucy Robinson says:

    I would love to win this as I love cooking but don’t always have all the cooking equipment i need. This looks perfect. x

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