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The no-waste mini meringue recipe. You only need one egg!

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How annoying is it when you make a recipe and have just one egg white left over? I mean what can you do with just one egg white?

That’s where I was last night. I made blackberry curd for a cake topping – (recipe to come soon) and I was left with one egg white. So, I attempted to make mini meringues and do you know what? They’re gooooood!

The goal

I didn’t expect to get that many meringues from just one egg but they yielded a healthy 16 mini piped domes. I was happy with that.

I wanted to see how they would turn out. I’ve been meaning to give Cream of tartar a go for a while after seeing a recipe using it. I usually use cornflour. The difference appears to be these are waaaay more glossy.

I also wanted to see how they tasted after the initial bake of one and a half hours – for a chewy texture and left in the oven overnight – with the oven turned off after the initial bake – for a dry right through meringue.

And the result?

Both taste great. I know people tend to have a preference so I wanted to share both options but if I had to choose just one it would be the chewier ones. I spread a little of the blackberry curd in between two meringues but anything goes here – Eaton mess, mini pavlovas, dipped in chocolate the world – or meringue is your oyster!

Top tips for Meringue baking

  • Clean the bowl you are using to whisk up the egg white with lemon juice and a piece of kitchen towel. Any residue from previous food – no matter how small can hinder a successful meringue.
  • Never ever let any yolk get into the egg whites. They just won’t peak.
  • Use eggs at room temperature. They’ll whisk up faster.
  • Avoid making them on humid or rainy days.

So, that’s it. No waste mini meringues.


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