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delicious vegan disgestive biscuits

Deliciously Vegan: How to Make Digestive Biscuits That Taste Just Like the Real Thing

Have you ever thought about baking your own digestive biscuits before? No, I hadn’t either till I decided to attempt to make a vegan cheesecake and couldn’t find the exact English digestive cookies to crunch up for the base so I decided to make my own – as you do! There’s nothing quite like dunking …

EmmaMT bosseyed in front of this vegan chocolate cake
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How To Make The Very Best Vegan Chocolate Cake You’ll Ever Bake – According To Mr MT

Rich, moist, and totally delicious. Oh my WORD! If I tell you that Mr MT came back time and time again for this cake you would understand why I’m saying this cake is deeelish! Without a doubt it’s the very best vegan chocolate cake I have ever made. But it was a total accident. The …

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Coconut Macaroon Recipe – The Easy One

Oh hello soft, gooey, deliciousness. Where have you been? I’m sure I’ve made these before but never with so much success. I think the secret ingredient is having the mental attitude of baking them for someone else. Or is that just me? The Hobnob search It all started when we bumped into my mother-in-law in …

Biscuits on a bread board looking tasty
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Low Cholesterol Biscuits Recipe

Ahhh, These Low Cholesterol biscuits. I made these with a whole lotta love. My Poopah was told to eat a more low-cholesterol diet. So he didn’t have to miss out when he comes over to my house on a Friday night – with his sticky blue bag of veg and his freshly baked challah bread, …

This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe is light and fluffy and delicious
Cakes Jewish baking

Delicious Tiramisu Cheesecake Recipe, perfect for Shavuot

This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe! This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe has been in my head forever. I LOVE coffee and I LOVE Tiramisu. You know – the ones that come in family-size containers that go a bit soft and gloopy if you leave them out of the fridge. And you get a spoon and say you’ll only …

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How To Make Vegan Zesty Lemon biscuits

These vegan lemon biscuits are quick, easy and seriously tasty This reciepe for Vegan zesty Lemon biscuits turned out even better than I hoped. They’re based on my melt in the mouth lemon butter biscuits so I had to swap out a few ingredients- namely butter, obvs and eggs. See how I did that below. …

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