Biscuits on a bread board looking tasty
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Low Cholesterol Biscuits Recipe

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Biscuits on a bread board looking tasty

Ahhh, These Low Cholesterol biscuits.

I made these with a whole lotta love. My Poopah was told to eat a more low-cholesterol diet. So he didn’t have to miss out when he comes over to my house on a Friday night – with his sticky blue bag of veg and his freshly baked challah bread, I made some Poopah friendly treats.

Guess what he said

As he sat drinking his hot chocolate (which I make with the Nespresso milk frother so it’s most profesh! Chocolate sprinkles and all) I said “I’ve made these for you” He said “No thanks”.

My mum just looked at him. I must have looked crestfallen. I’d made them especially. But that’s my dad. Just didn’t fancy them. I suspect he would have preferred some butter laden treat that I would usually share like the buttery melt in your mouth lemon biscuits but they are not allowed.

Biscuits on a bread board looking tasty

Of course all was not lost. As well as being a great low Cholesterol snack they are also Vegan so even easier to share – which I did… kind of. They are tasty after all!


Emma x

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