This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe is light and fluffy and delicious
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Delicious Tiramisu Cheesecake Recipe, perfect for Shavuot

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This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe is light and fluffy and delicious

This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe!

This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe has been in my head forever.

I LOVE coffee and I LOVE Tiramisu. You know – the ones that come in family-size containers that go a bit soft and gloopy if you leave them out of the fridge. And you get a spoon and say you’ll only eat a line of those cocoa-covered squares, but your husband isn’t looking so you eat three rows! Yeah, those!
Well, that’s exactly how I like my Tiramisu so this Tiramisu cheesecake recipe is the cheesecake version of that yumminess.

This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe is light and fluffy and delicious

This is an easy tiramisu cheesecake. The vegan version was not.

When I set about making this cake I knew we needed a digestive biscuit base and as I wanted to make a vegan version of it I made vegan digestive biscuits – recipe coming for those soon. They were AMAZING. Really easy to make and don’t taste like a vegan version at all – which is always a winner in my eyes. BUT, and that’s a big BUT. The vegan version of this tiramisu cheesecake recipe really didn’t work. Usually, I think of ways I can make a recipe in a different way, swapping out ingredients but sometimes you just have to admit defeat.

The Philidelphia vegan Cream cheese tastes great – until you try and bake with it like regular cream cheese! It’s made from almonds and oats and really isn’t designed for baking. At some point, I will make a no-bake vegan cheesecake but for now, this Tiramisu one is not happening.

Tiramisu cheesecake dessert

This cake works really well as a dessert. It has a light and fluffy texture and is great for the end of meal when you invite friends around. It can be made the day before so it has had time to really chill – as that’s when it tastes the best.

Tiramisu cheesecake ingredients

I remember the Food Editor on Woman & Home always saying that Philadelphia is the best soft cheese to use when making a cheesecake. I do love it but I’m a big fan of 1. Sainsbury’s own brand. 2. Full fat cream cheese. None of this sloppy low-fat nonsense and 3. Spending the least amount on expensive ingredients.

I made the vegan digestives because they were so expensive (£2.50 for around 10) and I knew I could make them and have enough left over for the vegan daughterling to enjoy.

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