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The Ultimate Chocolate Cook Book – Couture Chocolate

As, promised in my post from Easter, I wanted to share with you this yummy book. I’ve had lots and lots of cook books sent to me to review here on Cakes, Bakes and Cookies, but none of them have the amazing chocolate content of Couture Chocolate, by William Curley, Jacqui Small publishers. This book has …

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The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook review

The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook review Let me just start by saying that Evelyn Rose rocks! As I mentioned in my post about Hamantaschen last week I have a fantastic Jewish cook book that is used by all of my family. It’s called the ‘The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook’ written by Evelyn Rose, …

Best for Baking Biscuit recipe Book review

The best books to bake with – Mary Berry’s Baking bible

Best books for baking I think now is a good a time as any to start sharing with you all my favorite baking books. I have a LOT, as I am sure you can imagine, but some I love more than others.  I’m not going to feature them in any particular order. I’m just going …

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