Cakes Bakes And Cookies is Two!

Goodness me!

Is my calendar really right?

Is really two years old today?


But it feels like 5 minutes….. actually it feels like I’ve been writing it and baking it all my life. I love it. I get excited when I find new things to share with you all. New books. New recipes. New cakes I’ve decorated. I have albums bursting full of photos ready for posts that I haven’t got round to writing yet as I get so busy with my grown up work and they get over taken by something newer and fresher. But right now I just want to say

“Thank you”

Thank you for following, the comments (which I looooovvvveeee!) and for all the support – especially from family and friends who have become accustomed to my baking obsession and my going on and on about ‘the blog’- even if you secretly like it when you come round and there’s something fresh out of the oven (Yes you know who you are!)

I was excited about before I even started it. I read every blog about blogging I could find and they all said the same thing. Write about something you are passionate about so you don’t get bored or worse-  run out of things to say. Well I haven’t and after 18 months of writing at least one, usually two posts a week I’ve still got plenty more to say/bake.

So here’s to the next two years of baking fun. I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.



Here’s just a few of the cakes that have featured in the last two years.

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  1. Vanessa Afful-Walcott says:

    Happy Birthday CakesBakesAndCookies, Emma you are doing a fantastic job you’ve really inspired me with your recipes, I’m just so glad that all my extra weight gain can be blamed on pregnancy weight gain and not my current baking obsession! Here’s to many more years of CakesBakesAndCookies. x

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Aaahhhhhhh!!!!!! VANESSA – that’s fantastic news! Mazeltov and congratulations! You do have the most perfect excuse to put on lots of weight.

      Lots of love


  2. igetakickoutofyou says:

    Happy Birthday! Here’s to another fabulous 2 years. Cx

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Thanks hun. Time flies when you’re having fun, or is that when you’re permanently filling your face with cake?

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