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Chocolate Courgette Muffin recipe and an apology!

I wanted to start this post with “Is it the 10th June already?” Or “Boy I’ve had a crazy week….make that two… make that three!”  But I decided that everyone is mega busy and having crazy weeks at the moment! What I really want to say is I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in over a week. I haven’t missed posting at least once a week in over a year and I hate that. I have missed you guys. Honest!

I’ve just had three big interiors shoots in four weeks (with cakes and cookies and believe it or not two christmas puddings to make for the shots) and keeping up with two cake posts a week has become practically impossible. So I have come to a decision. From now on I am aiming for one quality post a week as I think that’s better than two lesser ones. Don’t you agree?  I think you do???


Courgette muffin recipe

One of my shoots was for Procter and Gamble’s website. Have you seen it? It’s fantastic! You sign up/join and can then download loads of money off vouchers not just for cleaning products (don’t get me started on Fairy Platinum. I’ve just written 5 blog posts about the stuff and I am totally obsessed with it now. It’s the only serious de-greasing washing up liquid that doesn’t wreck my hands – whilst removing grease without scrubbing. REALLY!!!) there are also vouchers for loads of big name beauty brands too!  You can save loads of money. It’s a big lifestyle website with tips, advice and all sorts of great stuff.

Anyway, I am guest editing over there for the next few months and for the shoot for the June posts I have written I shared my courgette muffin recipe. You can get it here. The plain courgette ones are good but the chocolate courgette ones are divine! Really moist and moreish.

I set this shot up whilst finishing off one of the other ones and I hadn’t even turned my back for two seconds when a cheeky squirrel appeared out of no-where ready to pounce and grab the muffins. Luckily, Harry the photographers assistant caught him at it. Did he scare it away? No. He got out his phone and started taking shots!

Needless to say the muffins stayed intact…if only till the last shot was done. Then they were devoured!

Hope you all have a fab week. Happy baking.





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  1. Well done Emma you certainly deserve it.

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Ahhh, thanks.

  2. The muffins look great i will give them a try .

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