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Delicious Magazine

I’ve been mega busy the last few weeks shooting Halloween (I know. I know! It was Christmas last time and now it’s Halloween. I’m all over the place! No wonder my head’s spinning) and as the kids are off for the Summer I have literally been here there and everywhere. Can you believe the little ones are half way through their 6 weeks hols already? Slow down time. Plllleeeassse!!!

Anyway, I nearly forgot to tell you all about my exciting mention in Delicious Magazine. Back in May the lovely Rebecca Smith, Deputy Editor over there asked me if I had a recipe that had been handed down to me for Rosh Hashannah (the Jewish New Year) which would fit in with their September issue. Each issue has a feature where there is a really lovely personal story of a favorite recipe being handed down from generation to generation or from special friends. It’s really sweet.  Well, my first thought was to give her my Honey Cake recipe but as they had featured that cake last year I sent her my Challah recipe instead which I got from my brother Robert. It’s not one of those long time family traditions – rather just a nice to share story. It really takes me back to when he was in London (not Australia) and his first daughter was born. He tried so many recipes to get it right and would send everyone photos of what he had made each Friday night. You’ll have to pick up the current copy to read it in full and get the recipe- or I may just share it with you in a few weeks in time for Rosh Hashannah, but really  I just wanted to share my excitement at having mentioned in such a prestigious foodie mag. And just look how amazing Bex’s shot of it is in the mag!!! It makes my mouth water. Beautiful.

Delicious Magazine

 I do love a handed down recipe. Don’t you? What recipe have you been handed down that you go back to time and time again?  I’d love to know.


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  1. oh Emma that is wonderful, cant wait to read it, going to get a copy now. And you are right, what a fabulous photo.

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Mwahhh XXXXXXXxxxXXXxx

      p.s. I know it’s your birthday this weekend! Any requests or shall I surprise you. X

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