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Cake inspiration from Sweetapolita: Chocolate Torte Madeira Sprinkle Birthday Cake

 Chocolate Torte Madeira Sprinkle Birthday CakeSprinkle Birthday cake

Where do you get your cake inspiration from? I follow quite a lot of blogs but I only stay subscribed if they keep on delivering great inspiration month after month. If they don’t post for a few weeks I don’t really mind as when they do it’s always amazing new content and that’s how I feel about Sweetapolita. She has a very distinctive style and I always want to have a go at recreating her cakes. Her style was the inspiration for this cake. 

BeauBeau is TWELVE!!!! 

Where does the time go. I’ve been writing this blog for over four years and each year my daughter’s birthday cake posts seem to come round quicker and quicker. For the first time in ages I actually can believe Beau is twelve. She is so much more happy and mature than she was last year. She’s settled into senior school really well and has a lovely group of new friends who we met for the first time on Sunday. One of them even offered to help carry over the drinks for all the gang while we were at bowling! I mean literally said “Would you like me to help you carry the drinks over“!!! How happy am I that Beau has found such polite and friendly group of girls to hang out with? VERY.Sprinkle Birthday cake

So, when it came to her birthday cake she asked for something simple, chocolatey and pretty. Gone are the days of sculpting cakes into fancy designs. In fact I can’t actually remember the last time I was asked to do that. I knew exactly which of Sweetapolita’s cake designs I was going to make. Lots of soft chocolate ganache buttercream and lots and lots of pretty sprinkles! 

Now, I would say that this cake is quick and easy to make and I am sure it is, but not when you are desperate to finish season 4 of Prison Break on Netflix and can’t stop watching it and stay up till 3am to do so! Without Netflix it would have been sooo much quicker! 

Chocolate Torte Madeira Cake 

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]Beau and her Sprinkle Birthday cake

Happy Birthday Beau Beau Bob. We love you so much. 

Emma (a.k.a.

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  1. Cristina ohalloran says:

    That is one beautiful cake for a beautiful girl. Many happy returns.

  2. Marie Eden says:

    Hi Emma,
    Lovely cake, happy birthday to Beau. I’m still at the sculpting creations stage. Angry Untikitty (from the Lego movie) for Thomas 5th and another Minecraft scene for George 7 and Samantha 11 joint party.

    Quick, probably daft, question but you mention Ganache butter cream, the instructions say to make the ganache and then the butter cream, I assume you mix the two together. In some places you refer to butter cream for the crumb coating and others ganache butter cream for the piping are they the same thing?

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I must have been so keen to share this cake with you all I left out that vital step!

      Yes once the ganache (chocolate and cream) have cooled you add them to the mixed butter and icing sugar. Whisk them both up all together till it’s light and fluffy. This is the chocolate ganache buttercream and you use it to fill, crumb coat and final coat the cake to add to all that yumminess.

      right… I’m of to amend that post. Thanks again


  3. Lovely cake will definitely try. Cool tip re using sunflower oil instead of butter for greasing. I’ve been lining my tins bottom and sides as I didn’t like the crusty texture outside. I think the sprinkles might be easier said than done but am keen to move away from fondant as the kuds like the effect of it but not the taste.

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      You know I thought the sprinkles would be a nightmare but as the kids were no where to be seen and I went really slowly it was fine. Most (not quite all) landed in the baking tray below. I also put a piece of baking paper around the cake so I didn’t go over the line where I wanted the sprinkles to be. I can’t wait to have another go now!

      Good luck


  4. Where did you get the sprinkles from please?!

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Hi Lisa,

      These are a selection from Sainsburys and Poundland all mixed up together. I love that look. You can choose any colour or shape and they just seem to work!

      Have fun


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