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I get press releases emailed me on a daily- no, make that hourly basis and I get tons and tons of baking/cooking/cupcake product ideas sent to me to test/play with / eat up and from the PR’s point of view hopefully feature. I usually resist the urge to show you absolutely everything, but I really couldn’t with these cake tins. How cute are they?

Cake slice tins


SetofThreeGoodEnoughtoEatCakeTins2200 LemonSliceCakeTin500 VictoriaSpongeCakeSliceTin500They’re from a company called ‘The Contemporary Home‘ and I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. They sell tons and tons of cute and unusual home wares – great for my styling job.  I really love these tins. I’m actually a bit of a tin fan. I have quite a few for cakes but I have literally tons for my crafting. One for buttons, one for embroidery threads. I’ve even just inherited some really vintage ones from my grandma which hold her old needles.

So you can see why these took my fancy. I mean who doesn’t need a cake slice tin to hold a bit of lemon drizzle cake or a touch of Vicky sponge? They also have some really cute tins in the shape of a chocolate Bourborn biscuit and a custard cream. So cool!

Have a great weekend bakers.


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  1. OH how I hate you for introducing me to the TCH website! There goes the rest of my morning!!
    These tins are super-cute though, they’ll be such perfect presents x

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      I don’t think there’s a better way to spend a Friday than shopping on line when you should be working!


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