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How To Make Vegan Zesty Lemon biscuits

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These vegan lemon biscuits are quick, easy and seriously tasty

This reciepe for Vegan zesty Lemon biscuits turned out even better than I hoped. They’re based on my melt in the mouth lemon butter biscuits so I had to swap out a few ingredients- namely butter, obvs and eggs. See how I did that below.

Vegan butter alternative

Usually, I swap out butter for a vegetable margarine, but recently I’ve been using Tomar. Tomar is also vegetable oil-based and is a Kosher block which my mum has used forever. She buys it in bulk from kosher supermarkets and freezes it – so, of course, I do the same. I get mine from Sainsbury’s or Waitrose and Ocado also stock it so it’s easy to find.

The flavour of Tomar block is better than the margarine version and it’s also more solid so acts similarly to butter. You don’t want sloppy biscuits. In cakes it may be okay but never in biscuits

Vegan Egg Alternative

I’ve recently been successfully using the water from tinned chickpeas as an egg substitute in Madiera cake. That recipe is still in the trial phase as I’m not totally happy with it – even if vegan Daughterling, Beau loved the second try so much she took the whole thing back with her to Uni.

The non-vegan version of these lemon biscuits require two egg yolks so I thought I’d just make up a sticky, messy batch of chia seeds in water, but I didn’t have any. What I did have was a very ripe banana. As the yolk alternative was intended to bind the ingredients I knew banana would work. I didn’t want the flavour to over power the zestiness so used just 60g – half a banana. It was perfect.

Bake ahead

These Lemon biscuits are great to freeze head. Simply pop the raw, rolled biscuits on a tray to freeze. Once frozen you can place them in another container. When you want to bake them you can do so from frozen. They only take 20 minutes and make your house smell gorgeous and have a tasty treat when friends pop by unexpectedly.

It’s a good job I love these as much as I do. I baked them on a Saturday Morning and when Darcey came downstairs bleary eyed she told me she doesn’t like lemon flavoured things and Beau is at Uni so looks like Tim and are are in for a zesty week. Bet you wished you lived around the corner now right?

Happy Baking

Emma x

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