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How to make a fun personalised name birthday cake

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Personalised name cake

Beau’s 7th Birthday cake

When Beau was 7 I was really busy with work and knew I wouldn’t have time to create a masterpiece for her birthday party. She was having a crafting party at home and I had a lot of ‘making stuff’ to plan -mug ┬ápainting, magnet making, jewellery creating etc. So for her cake I decided to make it a really simple, pretty personalised cake.

I made the flowers from sugar paste while the cake was in the oven and left them to harden overnight. The next day I filled the cake, which was chocolate, with chocolate buttercream and iced it in a pretty pink colour. I then used Royal icing to add each of the guests names onto the cake. When it was time to cut the cake each girl got her name. The kids loved it and it took no time at all to make. It was a really quick fix.

Obviously Beau got the biggest slice, I mean it was her birthday after all!


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