lemon victoria sponge cake recipe

How to Make A Luscious Lemon Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

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OKAY, the sun is out. The yummy fruits are starting to hit the shops and I’m craving a lemon cake. Am I alone? I know I’m not.

This Lemon Victoria Sponge cake recipe is one from the archives and I’ve been going back to it for years now. It’s the right blend of sticky, gooey show stopperness. So, I thought now was a good a time as ever to share it again.

lemon victoria sponge cake recipe

I like to make this one from scratch – including the lemon curd for which you can find the recipe here, but I’ll include it for you in this recipe too.

Homemade lemon curd is on another level. In fact, once you’ve made this you’ll probably a) never buy shop bought again and b) want to turn everything into curd! I even made rhubarb curd once. Amazing!!!

Easy lemon curd recipe

To turn it onto a show stopper and more than just a regular lemon Victoria Sponge cake is because of the layering. Cake +lemon curd + creme fraiche + lemon syrup glaze! Game changer!

lemon victoria sponge cake recipe

I hope you enjoy this zesty, lemony, tangy cake of deliciousness. I know we did!

Em x

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