Rocket cake difficult cake tins to measure for
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FAQ: How do I work out the ingredients for an odd shaped cake tin

Rocket cake difficult cake tins to measure for

I think this has probably been the most commonly asked question in the last couple of months…

” I have just bought a football shirt / sphere / teddy bear shaped cake tin. Please can you tell me how much ingredients I need to use?”

I use a simple formula which you can read more about in the post “How to adapt recipes for different size cake tins” but in a nutshell you measure the amount of water the cake tin will hold in ml and divide or multiply that amount by the base cake ingredient. My base cake is a 6″.

Help! I’m not big on maths?

Then it’s a good job I’ve worked it out for you. Having been asked such an array of sizes over the years I decided that it would be best to just work out a multitude of sizes and put them in a chart for reference. Now, I have calculated these quantities but I haven’t baked them so the baking times are guestimates. If you bake one of these size cakes please let me know if the timing are out so I can amend the chart – thanks you guys.

How to measure the volume of a cake tin

The easy peasy steps

  1. If your tin has a loose bottom place a plastic bag in it. I use the white bathroom bin bags as they’re big enough and don’t have holes in the bottom like a supermarket carrier bag does.
  2. Fill your tin with water measuring as you go. I count out loud so I don’t lose count. It’s a trick I use when measuring ingredients too. Once I get to 6 I’m bound to be interrupted!
  3. Keep adding water till the cake tin is full up to around 1-2cm from the top.
  4. Write down how many ml your cake tin holds
  5. Check the amount against the volumes in the chart on this post.

One more thing…

It’s a good idea to use a firm cake like a Madiera cake when baking in a shaped tin as it will hold it’s shape and be easier to decorate afterwards. Use this recipe as a base when working out how much you need. 

Once you take the cake out of the oven allow it to cool for 5 minutes before tapping it out onto a cooling rack. A warm cake will come away from a tin easier than a cold one. 

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