Birthday cakes modelling

Mabel’s cute froggie cake.

A baby’s first birthday cake is so special.

I was asked by the lovely Julia at Woman & Home (Fashion Editor and all round style guru) to make a cake for her beautiful niece Mabel.

I’d heard alot about Mabel. We were a close knit group at W&H and when there is a baby on the way in someone’s family we all get to live the experience. So I knew all about Mabel and had seen all the baby blue eyed pictures, but I’d never actually met her. And I love a baby!

She was coming up to her 1st birthday and Julia and Mabel’s mum Faye wanted something really personal. Mabel has one of those wooden frog toys on a wire spring that bounces around and it is one of her favourite toys. So they decided that the cake should be based around the froggie.

Mabel’s toy frog

My sugar paste frogAfter emailing back and forth about the cake with Faye, she came up with the brilliant idea to have the frog sitting on a lily pad in a pond. I thought that was genius as it was a really easy way to make the cake super pretty. Nothing beats a pale blue pond with pretty pink lily pads to make a cake gorgeous!

I delivered the cake on Sunday morning in time for the family party and I think the cake went down pretty well. Julia texted me the next day to say that her brother said that it was the best lemon cake he had ever tasted! What a huge compliment!

When I was making the frog model my daughter Beau who is seven, wanted to play with the sugar paste and make her own  frog for her own cake. She did it all by herself. She made all the frog and I made all the cake! Beau’s frog and her cake didn’t actually get together as the cake was eaten up before they had a chance to meet! And Julia’s brother was right. It was a pretty delicious cake if I do say so my self. But Beau’s frog is pretty cute too!

Beau’s Frog

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