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How to make a Mario and Yoshie Birthday Cake

When my friend Nicole asked me if I would make her son Oliver a Mario and Yoshi birthday cake I of course said “yes”. Then I quickly scoured Google images to find out exactly who Yoshi was!  I’ve had a few cake requests recently for computer games I’ve never heard of ( I know who Mario is) but Yoshi? Minecraft? If it’s not Rock stars or dressing up games (both proper girly ones) the chances are I won’t have heard of it.

Nicole told me what Oliver liked about the game and I got to work doing some drawings so she could choose which design was best. She liked the giant toadstool which I have to admit was my favorite of all the styles I had in mind too.

How to make the toadstool cake

I baked two round madeira cakes – a 7″ -for the base and a 10″ for the domed top.

For the dome

This cake (the 10″) came out of the oven very domed but for this design that was just fine! I evened out the lumps and bumps with a bread knife to create as smooth a dome as possible, then cut it in half and filled it with raspberry jam and buttercream. Give the whole cake a thin crumb coating of buttercream. Pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes to firm up.

Once the crumb coating is firm add another slightly thicker buttercream coating and smooth it as much as possible. Place the cake on a thin 10″ cake board and secure in place with a small amount of royal icing.

Knead the red sugarpaste till it is nice and malleable. When ready place the cake on a tin which is smaller than the 10″ cake board so that the rolled out icing will hang over the edge.  That way you can cut off the excess and tuck the bottom bits of sugarpaste under and the cake board  won’t show at all.

To make the base

Take the 7″ cake and cut it in half so you can add the buttercream and jam filling.  Level the top off so that is it VERY flat. Use a spirit level to check that it is otherwise you will either have a) a lopsided toadstool, b) it will fall over or c)your husband will walk in while you’re finishing off your iced cake and say “You know it’s not level, don’t you?” like Tim always does! Either way this is the time to make sure it’s really level. My cake was level – it’s just on a slanted plate! 

Give the cake a crumb coating and then a nice smooth buttercream coating before you cover it with white sugarpaste. Cut off the excess sugarpaste then get the sides as smooth as possible.

Position the base cake on your cake board, securing with some royal icing.

How to decorate the Toadstool cake 

To stack the dome on top of the base cake first insert some dowels. I use Plastic Cake Dowels  like these ones from Amazon. You only need around 3 to support the top cake. Before I added the dome I decorated the side of the cake so that I could do all the fiddly bits without it being in the way, like adding the blades of grass, eyes and flowers. Only then did I add a little royal icing to the top of the base cake and then positioned the dome on top.

I usually make the models when I cover the cake boards  – a week before the cake needs to be finished, but if I am completely honest I really avoided this one as I had no idea how I was going to make Mario actually look like Mario! but once I got started I was off and really enjoyed it. The little toadstools and stars were also fun to make.

The last job was to add the circles to the top of the toadstool which I did by dampening the white sugarpaste circles I had cut out.

Yoshi, Mario and the mini toadstools were all secured in place with a little sugarpaste. Then the wording was iced and the ribbon was added to the cake board.

The cake was a big surprise for Oliver and I think he was chuffed to bits when Nicole presented it to him.


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  1. KAREN SMITH says:

    love the cake!!!  Might be putting in an order for one!

    Thanks for the pics…  hope you got the cd. x   Karen Smith Art Editor – Feel Good Food – IPC Media Art Director – Village magazine – Bellevue Associates

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    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Oooo! Not yet. How exciting!

      Do you fancy swapping talents . Birthday cake for a logo?

  2. igetakickoutofyou says:

    That is one seriously clever cake! Never mind the kids – i absolutely love it. Cx

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Thanks sweetie. X

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Ahh, thanks. X

  3. This is so amazing Emma! Absolutely fantastic 🙂

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Thanks Joy. I made your Chocolate chip cookies last Friday. They were sooooo good I can’t stop thinking about them.

      1. Glad to hear you liked them 🙂 Got an even better cookie recipe coming up this week 🙂

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    This is so Amaziinnnn !!!
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  5. you have just inspired me to give this a try. your directions are so clear, thanks a million!!!
    any chance of a mario demo!!

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Yes in my panic I didn’t take pics as I made him! I’ll see what I can do.

  6. this cake is so cute and gorgeous ^^ Trust me, even adults will love this cake, way too beautiful and delicious 😉

  7. Michele Rigby says:

    Hiya,hope you don’t mind but I had a customer placing an order for a cake similar design to yours,such a fab cake and design 🙂 xx (Cakes By Michel ) xx

    1. Michele Rigby says:

      Sorry (Cakes By Michele ) xx

    2. EmmaMT from says:

      I am 100% flattered. Thanks.

      If you get a second to pop a picture on my CakesBakesAndCookies Facebook page that would be great.

      Thanks for the compliment


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