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The RG’s engagement cake

The RG's engagement cake

My brother is leaving me today :0(

He’s emigrating to Australia with his wife and two daughters and we are all going to miss them tons and tons and tons.

Whilst finishing off a little surprise photo album I was making them last night as a Bon Voyage gift, I came across the photos from their engagement party. It was back in 2007 which seems like a lifetime ago now!  Darcey had only just turned one, my sister was pregnant with Asher and I didn’t have a cake blog so I was at least a stone lighter! I had completely forgotten that I had made them an engagement cake.

The RG’s

My brother’s name is Robert and his wife is Roni and they both had the same initials when they met and Roni was still an RG when they got married. They call each other ‘RG’ so that was where the idea behind the cake came from.

The cake

I remember being really pleased with this cake. It must have been one of the first ones I ever did as I didn’t really start making cakes till Beau’s fourth birthday shortly after the engagement party.  I printed out large ‘R & G’ letters in paper to use as a pattern and layered up icing in pink and blue then placed the pattern on top before cutting out each letter with a sharp kitchen knife. I finished with a pink set for Roni and a Blue set for Robert. I think if I made this cake now I would have cut away the area where the letters overlap so that they sit more flat on the top of the cake. I would also know that if you get icing wet it will always look shiny unless you use a dry paintbrush and brush over some icing sugar till all the shininess disappears! I would also cover the cake board (or upturned tray in this instance!) with a strong colour icing.

Oh well, it’s good to see that I’ve improoved a little since 2007 and have learnt so much!


P.S. RG’s & S & L we miss you so much already and love you lots. XXXX °<>° XXXX


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  1. My brother lives in NZ – it’s a lovely excuse for a holiday! He is getting married there next Easter and can’t wait for my 4th time going over. Wish I could make them such a nice cake to take!

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Thanks. We actually went to Oz for my brothers wedding. We lived it so we’re frantically saving for a trip next summer now. Thank heavens for Skype!

  2. I like it just the way it is :-))) xx

    1. EmmaMT from says:

      Ah thanks hun x

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh… We love and miss you too Em!!!( will miss your incredible cakes too!!! I can’t believe ours was one of the first!!!! )
    Can’t wait till you come to visit!!!
    Happy baking and see you all super soon!!!

    1. EmmaMT from says:


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